Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Asian Fountain Of Youth Kiss Trap

Below is something I've found from Johnny Wolf, called the "Asian fountain of youth kiss trap". It's interesting, thought I'd share it.

When she asks you your age, which cougars always do, I tell them I'm 57. I keep my composure and don't laugh, so they'll wonder for a second if I'm lying or not. Now obviously I don't look that old, I'm only 27 so they'll call me out o it.

I tell them that it's because I'm Asian, we always look young forever. Which she'll agree to.

Then I'll tell her about the secret of the Asian Fountain of Youth (you don't have to be Asian, you can just make something up about your background to make it seem exotic and unique).
"I heard it's something to do with our genetics, but did you know that if you kiss an Asian guy you'll look beautiful and remain young forever as well?"

*pause pause pause* - Make sure you don't fuck it up by talking. Just hold.

I've done this kiss trap a bunch of times and usually get one of the following two responses:
  1. She kisses me right away - The first time I did this was at a really classy bar in Downtown LA and this smoking hot blonde just kisses me right away and then says, "Well I had to find out!"
  2. She'll be intrigued, kind of laugh it off, and change the subject - However, you've now successively set the kiss trap, and it'll be in the back of her mind the entire night. This is how you build sexual tension. It's been twenty times easier to go for the kiss later after setting up this trap than it has been without it.
But what if I'm not Asian? Use this concept of the Wolf Trap and Kiss Traps to start planting your own sexual tension traps with women you're in conversation with.

When talking about ourselves, I'll mention that I have two outstanding qualities. 1. I'm a really amazing kisser, and 2. I'm quite modest.