Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Attraction Switches For Women - Part 1

We all know about the basic attraction switches - funny, intelligent, in good shape, etc. Different PUA's have different lists, thought I'd share a couple of lists. Part one is from Mr M of LSI.
Buying Temperature
a. Definition: Her emotional state is increased by being around you.
b. Done by: Teasing, humor, role plays, "cocky-funny," misinterpretation, games, physical escalation (aka "kino") and dominance, etc.
c. Emphasis on: Humor (particularly push/pull), pre-selection, and dominance.
d. Summary: You don't have to talk about yourself at all - the focus is on fun.
e. Drawbacks: Transferrable, can be easily lost if not accompanied by framing, you can become the dancing monkey.

a. Definition: She is intrigued by talking to you - you have an uncanny understanding of her and other people around her.
b. Done by: Cold reading, Interactive Value Demonstrations, storytelling.
c. Emphasis on: Social Intelligence and showing understanding of her world.
d. Summary: You talk about her, others and your unique experiences. The focus is on intriguing her.
e. Drawbacks: Can feel contrived the more it relies on cold reads, palm readings, etc. Not appropriate or practical in some high-energy situations.

High Value and Sexual Frames
a. Definition: She wants to get to know you and be around you because you are high-value in her eyes. You are a guy whom she could potentially sleep with and even have a relationship with.
b. Done by: Framing, social proof, storytelling, disqualification, leading, sexual hoops, innuendo.
c. Emphasis on: Health and Appearance, Wealth, Pre-Selection, Challenging, Confidence.
d. Summary: You talk about yourself.

'Warm and Fuzzy' Attraction
a. Definition: She sees you as an authentic and real person with integrity and a well-rounded personality.
b. Done by: Storytelling about family, friends, your childhood and vulnerabilities.
c. Emphasis on: Protector of loved ones, willingness to emote, moving life stories.
d. Summary: You talk about yourself, your family and your experiences.
e. Drawbacks: Too much of this and you get boring or one-dimensional.

a. Definition: She feels that you are on the same wavelength as her. This actually amplifies existing attraction.
b. Done by: Normalization of conversation, finding topics of common interest, starting to talk more deeply about those topics and finding qualities about her that interest you.
c. Emphasis on: Social intuition, genuinely connecting, qualification.
d. Summary: You and her exchange thoughts about your commonalities and you validate her about qualities that she possesses that are important to you (there is overlap here with the Qualification and Comfort stages of the Love Systems Triad).
e. Drawbacks: If you do too much of this without raising buying temperature, intrigue, etc., you fall into the "let's just be friends" zone, unless she is already attracted to you based on your looks.

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