Monday, April 6, 2009

Unsuccessful Conversion to a MLTR

Sex on date 3, but fucked up afterwards.

quick background story:
  • Quick number close, not very impressive, HB5.
  • Date 1 - quick 1 hr drink at a bar, she had somewhere else to go afterwards, but I got the "first date" out of the way
  • Date 2 - I picked her up after work on Monday, took her for a walk, and brought her home for dinner because "I was cooking" - one of those "meals for two in a bag" from a grocery store. We "hooked up", but didn't have sex because it was her time of the month.
We scheduled something for the following Sunday around 4PM. My plans ended early on Saturday night while I was out, so I called her up offering to get together, and picked her up (since I was out anyway) at 10PM, . She came over, and we spent the night.

We had sex both Saturday night and Sunday morning. While she was in my arms afterwards on Sunday morning,
she asked "so are we official?"
Me: What do you mean?
Her: Can I officially call you my boyfriend?
Me: Well, you know I'm not looking for anything monogamous. I enjoy being around you and having you in my arms, but I'm not looking to get into anything serious for a while
Her: Okay, I understand.

She didn't seem too upset about it or anything. We stayed at my place for about two more hours until I dropped her off at her place. While dropping her off around noon to play basketball with the guys like I planned to,
she asked: So do you still want to get together tonight?
Me: It's totally your call
Her: Well, let's not since we already go together today
Me: That's cool, as usual, we can schedule something now, or we can play it by ear and contact each other later
Her: Let's contact each other later, I don't know my schedule yet

I gave her a hug as she left, sensing this will be the last hug I give her, which I was right.

Today during work, I got a text message from her, "I dont think we should see each other anymore because ur not looking for a relationship and i am. Sorry it had to be through a text but i know ur working -Ash". I replied with "I understand, I kinda figured that yesterday. Goodluck w finding that dreamboy of yours.". She responded "Thanks for understanding :) -Ash".

I thought that was that, but she then IM'ed me a few minutes after:
(10:43:37) Her: I just don't think it'd be fair to either of us if we keep seeing each other
(10:43:54) Me: Hah, apparently you didn't have your "closure". :)
(10:44:16) Her: Hm?
(10:45:14) Me: Well, what I usually do with women who're "looking for relationships" is I always tell them "I shouldn't stop you from looking for what you're looking for, but until you find that great relationship of yours, you and I can keep seeing each other"
(10:45:21) Me: But if that's not something you'd like to do, I understand. :)
(10:46:41) Her: That's what you usually do with women? Wow.
(10:47:38) Her: So you think it's ok to use women that are looking for a relationship?
(10:47:47) Me: Well, what I usually do with women who're looking for relationships
(10:48:36) Me: I wouldn't say anyone's "using" anyone else......if two people enjoy being with each other, nobody's "using" anyone. It's just that one person's looking for more, and she is welcome to find that elsewhere.
(10:49:30) Her: Well, good luck
(10:50:48) Me: Thanks, and I wish you the same.
(10:55:29) Her: thank you
She wasn't that pretty, so I didn't really care much to save this one. But I personally need to work more on how to achieve mLTR's.


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