Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mood And State

As my cold-approach game evolves, I'm moving away from "canned openers" to "situational openers". Situational openers are comments you make about something in the specific environment, such as "What kinda drink is that?" or "Wow, this music sucks".

One thing I've noticed is that my mood effects the night a lot. Sometimes I'm in such a great mood, anything I say or do works, a simple "hi" or a playful punch in the arms out of nowhere would get me in conversations with women. I've never really consciously noticed it until I heard Tyler Durden's latest program, "Blueprint".

Tyler calls it "State", someone who's in that magical mood is considered "in state", and "naturals" get in state more often than others. Looking back, the most "in state" I've gotten was last July 4th, 9 months ago. I haven't gotten anywhere close to that since then.

He also talked about "state" should be coming from within, and not relying on an outside stimuli, which is also something I need to learn to do. In the past, I've always relied on validation from a girl, social proof, or a wingman's state to increase my own.

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