Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Funny Pick Up Stereotypes By Race

Okay, so the clip above shows pick up stereotypes by race. On cold-approaches alone, it shows black and Hispanics being the most competent, at least most confident, following by whites, then at the very last, the shy Asian kid who wouldn't say anything and stare from afar.

This is only for cold approaches. Personal observations makes me think white and Asian guys play "networking game" extremely well, where you meet new people through social circles, such as friends of friends hanging out or house parties.

Back to the cold-approach stereotypes - there definitely are some truths behind it, I personally went through that "Asian lack of pickup" phase in early college days. I also went through the "white phase" where I go up to a girl with semi-confidence "Hey.....what's up...........yeah..........what's your name" and get politely dissed regularly.

This video is great, it reminds me of how far along I've gone through the road of learning game, and I have at least that far to go.

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