Monday, March 23, 2009

True Cockblock

In my pickup experiences, I've had a few people here and there I'd attribute an unsuccessful set to, but I've never truly experienced a real cockblock until last Saturday.

I went out with a few local aspiring PUA's. In one fairly crowded bar, I was chatting with Radium , and JGlide opened a set. His target was cute - black chick, petite, 7-8 out of 10 on looks. There was a cockblock, fairly tall, slightly overweight white chick, 6 out of 10. There were two other girls, but they were chatting among themselves. I was just chatting with my friends and Radium said "JGlide needs help", I was semi-drunk, and said "huh"? Radium then told me again, "JGlide needs help" and pointed that way. I saw JGlide, trying to keep the target's attention, while the target was interested, but the cockblock kept on talking to the target. Not only did the cockblock keep talking to her while being rude to JGlide, she made a point to get as close to the target as possible making the target face her as she was talking.

I walked over, got intro'ed in, shook hands with both the girls, and started talking to the cockblock. She politely smiled and tried to shoo me away. I plowed on, and kept on talking. I would ask her random questions, she'd be polite and smile and answer with "yeah, okay" without even attempting to listen to the question. I really dislike plowing, but I just wanted to buy time for JGlide. As she unconciously shifted positions with her body language to keep her distance from me because I invaded her personal space on purpose while talking, I calculatedly shifted positions with her, until I created a physical barrier (which is myself) between the obstacle and JGlide's target. I kept her busy for about 30 more seconds, and I think the obstacle realized what's going on, went around me and got in the target's face and started talking to the target again.

JGlide ejected the set soon after. I asked him what's going on, and he said she's got a boyfriend. I despise the obstacle even more because I now understand she's cockblocking for absolutely no reason, there wasn't even a chance for the target to like JGlide.

JGlide, Radium, and myself were sitting around, chatting, and the 4 girls rejoined each other at a table. One of the 2 other girls that were talking between themselves took out a cigarette but had no light, Axe happened to be ejecting an adjacent set, and took out a lighter, and held it out for her (without knowing anyone in the set). The obstacle from before said to the girls "That was weird, where did he come from" and rolled her eyes. It created a weird vibe for the girls and group-think took over, Axe wasn't interested in the set anyway and went on his happy-go-lucky way after he offered her the light.

Why do some women act like that? Are they so unhappy themselves they would make want to decrease the happiness around them by not letting anyone else in their group get any attention from any guys, under the pretense of "protecting each other"?

Looking back now, I should've fucked up her night by walking up to her after JGlide ejected, and said in a serious tone "What is wrong with you? My friend is trying to be cool and interact with your friend, and your friend obviously enjoyed his company, but you were being extremely rude by constantly interrupting the both of them, did your parents teach you to be anti-social like this?", and not give her an opportunity to say anything back by turning around and walking off. If I did that, I bet she would think twice about cockblocking the next guy. I dropped the ball on doing my part for the community service.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Funny Pick Up Stereotypes By Race

Okay, so the clip above shows pick up stereotypes by race. On cold-approaches alone, it shows black and Hispanics being the most competent, at least most confident, following by whites, then at the very last, the shy Asian kid who wouldn't say anything and stare from afar.

This is only for cold approaches. Personal observations makes me think white and Asian guys play "networking game" extremely well, where you meet new people through social circles, such as friends of friends hanging out or house parties.

Back to the cold-approach stereotypes - there definitely are some truths behind it, I personally went through that "Asian lack of pickup" phase in early college days. I also went through the "white phase" where I go up to a girl with semi-confidence "Hey.....what's up...........yeah..........what's your name" and get politely dissed regularly.

This video is great, it reminds me of how far along I've gone through the road of learning game, and I have at least that far to go.