Friday, February 20, 2009

The Jaded PUA

When growing up, we have some false beliefs about women. They're mostly socially conditioned into our brains for many years, from our mothers to Disney movies to mainstream society. These are some examples of beliefs:
  • Women are special, beautiful creatures.
  • Women need to be saved and protected.
  • Women need to be loved and nurtured.
  • You need to make women feel special.
  • Women need to be wined and dined and romanced.
  • Women want nice guys.
  • Women don't like sex.
The PUA community teaches differently. They don't flat out say it, but they hint it. Also doing hundreds of cold approaches and following up on phone numbers, hundreds of first or second dates with the intention of "scoring" confirms this mentality:
  • Women are flaky and unreliable.
  • Women are emotional and illogical.
  • Women only live in the emotion of the moment, do what feels good at the time, and justify their actions to themselves after the fact.
  • Women are manipulative and use guys for free drinks and dinners.
  • Women are fickle and have short attention spans.
  • Women are self-centered and self-interested.
  • Women primarily go to clubs for attention and validation from men.
  • Women constantly test men, try to devalue them, and try to make them jump through hoops.
  • Women try to make men suck up to them and put them on a pedestal.
  • Women think their pussies are made of gold and sell them to the highest bidder.
  • Women don't know what they really want.
  • Women are confused and hypocritical. They'll profess to dislike whorish behavior then blow a guy in a bathroom that night.
  • Women are programmed to want to get knocked up by an Alpha Male then ensnare an unwitting Beta Male into raising the child for her.
  • Women will cheat on their partners coldly and unemotionally.
  • Women are slaves to how their friends and society sees them. They want to sleep around, but have to be discrete about it.
  • Society's expectations have given women all kinds of weird hang ups up about sex and hooking up. Their minds are full of strange rationalizations and justifications.
  • Women aren't happy for long in a relationship and you have to constantly keep them on their toes and off-balance to stay with them.
  • Women are powerless to resist the right type of guy. Even if they're married, they'll get sucked along.
  • Women are easily manipulated by simple magic tricks and talk of new agey topics.

On the other hand, the PUA mentality mostly comes from the way we meet women, and the type of women we meet. If we mostly go to bars and clubs for cold approaches, of course the ones we meet are going to be flakey, unreliable, trying to get free drinks from guys, etc. AFC's don't get tested after a while because they prove their "worth" over months or years of trying to "woo" the same girl, and when they DO succeed, he won't get flaked out on because of the comfort he's built over month or years.

For the same reasons PUA's get laid a lot, they also have the endore constant rejection. Each success is a confidence booster for the PUA while each failure makes him dislike women slightly more. With each game the woman plays, each time he gets flaked out on, he gets slightly more sour, slightly more jaded.

This is a story of a guy named Roosh from DC. Here's a great example of how one back experience can make a PUA more jaded for the next, better girl.