Thursday, January 29, 2009

Help Needed: Religion Come Back Line

Okay, the 2 people that actually read this blog. I'm kinda stuck on this one.

During early first dates, especially from #'s I get during daygame here and there, I often run into stuff like she saying "How do you feel about God? Does he have a place in your life? I only want to date a Christian". Obviously the "right thing" to do is to prevent something like that, keeping things casual so she doesn't perceive me as trying to "date" them, but sometimes I get AFC-ish and make quicker advances than I should, and that comes up.

As someone who's not religious, what should I say if that comes up, without me compromising my integrity? I've tried some "neutral" stuff, like "I respect all religions" or "I believe in a higher being, but I don't think any religion is absolutely right about everything about this higher being", but none produces good results.

In comfort phase (so neg, ignoring the question, C&F aren't real options), any real come-back lines to this that won't truly disqualify me as someone she'd date?

Ahh.......good old southern small town and its random quirks.

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