Thursday, January 29, 2009

Help Needed: Religion Come Back Line

Okay, the 2 people that actually read this blog. I'm kinda stuck on this one.

During early first dates, especially from #'s I get during daygame here and there, I often run into stuff like she saying "How do you feel about God? Does he have a place in your life? I only want to date a Christian". Obviously the "right thing" to do is to prevent something like that, keeping things casual so she doesn't perceive me as trying to "date" them, but sometimes I get AFC-ish and make quicker advances than I should, and that comes up.

As someone who's not religious, what should I say if that comes up, without me compromising my integrity? I've tried some "neutral" stuff, like "I respect all religions" or "I believe in a higher being, but I don't think any religion is absolutely right about everything about this higher being", but none produces good results.

In comfort phase (so neg, ignoring the question, C&F aren't real options), any real come-back lines to this that won't truly disqualify me as someone she'd date?

Ahh.......good old southern small town and its random quirks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Different Personalities In Men & Their Attractions To Women

Above is a music video by an Eastern Europe boy-band called O-Zone. The song "Dragostea din tei" was popularized by a Numa Numa dance video on YouTube. TI & Rihanna also did a song using the chorus as the intro.

When I came upon the video, I started looking at the body language portaying personalities when they were doing solo parts. Of course, the personalities are exagerated due to them being on stage and all eyes were on them, so they didn't have to deal with "social norms".

The dark haired guy (at 1 minute 40 seconds) portrayed the personality of the smooth, confident, seducer - The Romeo Montague. He gave the crowd great eye contact, with the "I'm interested in you" look. His movements were fairly deliberate, controlled, and minimal.

The blond haired guy (at 1 minute 55 seconds) portayed the personality of a care-free kid - The Huckleberry Finn. He's off doing his own thing, didn't give the crowd much eye contact, aimlessly and carelessly swayed his head back and forth, lost in his own music and his own thoughts.

Of course, there're many "attractive" factors in play such as the social proof of them being music stars and the pre-selection of other girls dancing with them and such. But personality alone, both personalities are extremely attractive to women. The main attractive trait in the first personality would be "confidence", and the second personality's most attractive trait is "I'm doing my own thing with or without you".

I personally would consider myself a mix between those two - not nearly as "smooth" as the first guy or as "care free" as the 2nd, but having some positive quality traits of both.