Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Day Game in San Diego

I did a little bit of day-game while traveling to San Diego. I had the perfect opener - "Excuse me, I'm from the east coast, in town for the weekend to check the place out, and thinking of moving here. How long have you been living in San Diego and what're your thoughts on it?"

The first girl I number closed was a cashier in a downtown market. Cute, but supposedly taken (had a boyfriend). For some reason, she offered me her Email address and phone number "to keep in touch".

My second encounter was an interesting one. I was sitting at a sushi bar and a cute, older woman sat to my left. She seemed refined, around the age of mid-30's and had the "not to be bothered" vibe. I ignored her for a while, while getting my food and Saki. The Saki bottle was bigger than expected, so I was planning on taking some back to the hotel.

After "being normal" for about 10 minutes, I decided to attempt the same opener about me being in town for the weekend and wanted to "ask a local" about her opinions. She was receptive, and the set was opened. I asked her what rent prices are around here, especially an apartment by the beach (to convey that I'm a fun guy). I also DHV'ed by telling her what I did for a living, and asking questions such as "As a single guy, how much would I need to make here to be super comfortable, as in to be able to go out 4 nights a week, and randomly drop $50 each time without thinking twice about it? Something like $80k or something like $150k?" This conveyed the lifestyle I currently live and sub-communicated that "I'm not rich, but I make good money".

About 5 minutes into the conversation, I decided that she's pretty cool, so I offered her some alcohol. "Would you like some Saki? I can't possibly finish it myself" then showing her the big bottle I got. With slight hesitation, she said "Well, yeah, sure, why not." I asked for another Saki glass, and we started drinking together. I took Saki periodically in a shot-like manner, but she consistently sipped on it.

I asked her what she does, and she said she was an artist. She draws from live, pictures, or memory. So I went with a quick compliance test - I asked her to draw a 30 second characture of me from memory, as I turned facing the other way. She drew something quick on a napkin, and said "the biggest thing that stood out for me was your hair".

I made a comment about her signature, and that started my handwriting analysis routine, and she wrote a small sentence for me to analyze.

She seemed to enjoy it, so I followed it up with the cube game routine. I got her attention and her interest. IOI's were flying everywhere from her. She wanted to know all about me. We started chatting about dating and relationships, and she turned out to be married. Without a ring on her hand, maybe she said it to turn me off, but I genuinely believed she was married because I asked some more questions about it and she seemed natural about it.

At the end of the meal, I showed her my mood ring on my finger that I got at the souvenir shop, and asked her if she knew much about mood rings. She said no, and asked what the current colors meant. My response was "It shows excitement, intrigue, but also disappointment". It generated a smile from her. I then followed up by showing direct interest, "If you were single, I'd definitely invite you for a drink in my hotel room". She smiled, and seemed appreciative that I was interested.

I ended my meal by paying for my check, and we ended the night with a hug. Great experiences in San Diego.

Lessons Learned:
  • Women in San Diego have less bitch shield than women in the small town I currently live in - either that or I can attribute it to my "I'm only here for the weekend" opener
  • I need to have a true "need" to run day-game well, and it needs to be a "need" that takes more than 20 seconds to solve (such as asking for directions)
  • New routines around the mood ring sounds intriguing, I should start perfecting it

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