Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Wing - Axe

Ahhhhh.......what it's like to be new in the game. I remember when I was newer at it, I thought my openers were incredibly awesome, and had a lot of faith in them. I systematically walked up to 2-sets directly across a bar with my wing and said "Settle a debate between us, we got a beer betting on this. From your body language, my friend thinks you haven't known each other for long, like less than 6 months, but I think you've known each other for years. So who was right?", and transitioined into the "best friends test" routine and opened sets 70% of the time.

Now, after learning more book knowledge, knowing more and more things I "shouldn't do", approach anxiety builds up some more. Canned openers seemed fake to me, I no longer have much confidence in it, and it projects onto the sets.

Well, I just met another aspiring PUA locally, and he's in the same stage I was when I was new to the game - the attitude of "this stuff rocks", super confident in his openers, and opens sets semi-consistantly because of it.

Axe, as of 12/27/08:
  • has his "basics" down (body language, grooming, dressing, etc)
  • great confidence
  • In good shape, physique wise
  • easy rapport
  • fearless openners
  • can keep a conversation going if needed to
  • pre-selection DHV routines

  • lack book knowledge
  • doesn't have enough routines in his rappateur

Being extremely new at the game, he's off to an extremely good start. I'm sure he will improve on his weaknesses with a lot of experience. If he sticks to this hobby and not be content dating instead after he finds some success (like me), he'll be an extremely compitent PUA.

Seems like he did a review of me as well in a local forum:
Ambiance and I met up at Starbucks around 3:50 pm . I was surprised when I met Ambiance he displayed a very cool and relaxed feel when he came by to greet me as I was already at the coffee shop, pretending to be interested in the book I was reading. He called my phone and waved I looked up sup Ambiance whats up. He kept good posture and a very calm aura, in my opinion representing a very Relaxed Alpha Male. He went to get his drink and I sat there a while longer of course always looking for possible sets or prospects to work with.

As he came and sat down down he leaned back kept his head up, he had a well groomed hair style and a clean look...We made general chit chat. He asked me a lot of questions, knowing that I was very new to "The Game."
He had a lot of book knowledge and was very humble in the conversation; I think he was there encouraging me a little bit more than just asking.

I don't know if he was really as impressed with my desire to expand into the lifestyle of a PUA or intrigued. I told him about some of the recent situations with my small field work and he started explaining to me what I was doing in the terms of a PUA; I am running wide open past signs that I can't read because I'm moving to fast. He just slowed things down a little bit a recapped what I had ran pass, it was a lot of great information.

I saw a girl, I recognized her, from ____ high school 2001... Ambiance was talking and I said sorry man I am not trying to be rude I just know that girl I think... "He said there is only one thing to find out." awesome motivational statement he couldn't have said it better. Now I break the 3 second rule I actually try to figure out how I want to approach and such because I am new and I don't really have a real approach I just have a jumble of information that I throw into the mix ... (this is great kills my anxiety)
Approach: Hey! did you go to ___? yes I start talking to her she draws in closer. I keep the conversation flowing now that opener was just laid down before you don't mess it up lol. I started chatting a little asking her how she was blah blah blah THEN! Ambiance "hey man I need to get going", firm hand shake..awesome to set up a story for time constraint if I need it, gave me social status and he kept his coolness around him. Aight man it was nice meeting you. I turned back to Heather, I got my phone out opened it put it in front of her as she was trying to put her coffee insulter on and I continued with a story about Mr Abraham quit blah blah blah. She said she might have a new job out of town soon was in for the holidays I wished her luck on that and she was trying to bitch test me I believe that she was running that responce at me to see my reaction if I would rush a meeting, I acted like I didn't care like I had to go as well... THANK YOU Ambiance great job.

I left and called Ambiance up, of course I knew what he did it was my first time ever being out with a real wing man, fellow PUA, (I still consider myself an AAFC) What he did was natural and genius and the same thing I would have done if I had been him. So on our parts we both get level ups there I would imagine.

I look forward to hanging out with more of you guys in efforts to improve all of our game together.

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Jeremy said...

I don't believe their is an "Axe." I think you made him up. Just my opinion.