Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Theories Of Attraction Outside Of Dating

Attraction isn't only related to sarging and dating, it's everywhere. Theories of attraction works in people's everyday lives. People always want something they can't have, kids always want other kids' toys, etc. I came across a blog post so interesting, I just had to share it.

Game is a social dynamic that children as well as horny adults play. Game has roots deep in the human psyche that appear at a very young age, and thus is immune to the cultural conditioning explanation. My one and a half year old nephew and three year old niece provided excellent test cases of game in action.


Even though there was a mountain of toys under the tree, some still unwrapped, and toys strewn all over the room, when my nephew saw my niece playing one particular toy with great concentration he decided that was the one he wanted, RIGHT NOW. When she wouldn't share the toy, he cried (i.e. bitched and moaned in child language).

  • Game principle demonstrated: Social Proof. My nephew wanted that toy more than all the others (despite the possibility that the other toys were better) because he saw his sister having fun with it. The toy was preselected by my niece.

When I gave my niece her present, she grabbed it and shredded the wrapping into confetti. Her mom had to remind her to thank me and give me a hug, which she did... absent-mindedly and perfunctorily, like she was fulfilling a tedious social obligation.

  • Game principle demonstrated: Disqualification. By freely giving my niece a gift when she most expected it, with no strings attached, I disqualified myself as a person who intrigues her. Had I qualified her first - "Hey, I don't know if you've been a good girl this year, maybe I'll give your gift to your brother instead" - she would have worked to earn my gift (i.e. compliment) and showed gratitude in the form of a genuine spontaneous hug.

Later, I was deeply engrossed in playing with the cat. It's a very fat cat that when it sits on you keeps you warm all over, like a wool blanket. My niece saw that the cat was contented, and I was completely focused on scratching it under the chin. I told her she could come and pet it if she was gentle. She bounded over.

  • Game principle demonstrated: Pawning. The cat comes closest to competing with my niece for everyone's attention. She knows a competitor when she sees one. By befriending the high value cat and making it a part of my social circle, I was able to pawn it off and lock in my niece's attention.

I was watching one of the great classics on TV - Cannonball Run. My niece wanted to play "magic wand" with me again. (Previously, I let her turn me into a frog.) I waved her away. She kept coming back and I kept telling her to move away from the TV. She whined and ran right up to my face, bopping me on the head with her wand and begging me to turn into a frog.

  • Game principle demonstrated: Active Disinterest. My three year old niece knows she is the cutest person in the living room. She prances like a princess. In this environment, she is a 10. I gave her an IOD (Indicator of Disinterest) when I showed more attention to the TV than her, and that motivated her to win my approval.

When I finally relented and turned once more into a frog, and made ribbit noises, she squealed with delight. She zapped me with her wand again, and I turned into a monkey. Then a dog. And a bird. Each time I imitated a new animal, she released bursts of joy. But as my list of zoo animals ran out, she began getting bored. When I half-assedly meowed like a dying cat, she said "That animal is boring. I'm bored" and haughtily walked off.

  • Game principle demonstrated: Push-Pull. I spoiled my niece by giving her what she wanted. I was "pulling" her by being her dancing monkey, without pushing her away to keep her wanting more. She became bored with her expectations constantly being fulfilled.

My niece pulled out her stuffed animals and arranged them around a few dishes of my grandmother's fine china. I asked her what the toys were doing, and she said they were having a tea party. I told her the elephant would not need hands because he would suck up his tea with his trunk. Then I pretended to be each of the animals, acting out the scene in progress. "Woof, Mr. Giraffe, would you please pass the bone?" "Excuse me, Mr. Dog, but Mr. Tiger wants to eat you. He likes delicious dog meat with his tea." My niece parried my every move with a storyline of her own. The character development was better than most Hollywood blockbusters.

  • Game principle demonstrated: Stimulate her emotions. I threw logic out the window and immersed myself in the stuffed animal tea party world, and my niece's excitement grew the more I built up the fantasy world. She was happy to discard logic and run wild with the animals' dialogue, no matter how little sense it made.

I told my brother-in-law that based on the toys my nephew and niece played with (lincoln logs and princess dolls respectively), there was little chance they would grow up homosexual. His lineage was safe.

  • Game principle demonstrated: It's biomechanics all the way down.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Wing - Axe

Ahhhhh.......what it's like to be new in the game. I remember when I was newer at it, I thought my openers were incredibly awesome, and had a lot of faith in them. I systematically walked up to 2-sets directly across a bar with my wing and said "Settle a debate between us, we got a beer betting on this. From your body language, my friend thinks you haven't known each other for long, like less than 6 months, but I think you've known each other for years. So who was right?", and transitioined into the "best friends test" routine and opened sets 70% of the time.

Now, after learning more book knowledge, knowing more and more things I "shouldn't do", approach anxiety builds up some more. Canned openers seemed fake to me, I no longer have much confidence in it, and it projects onto the sets.

Well, I just met another aspiring PUA locally, and he's in the same stage I was when I was new to the game - the attitude of "this stuff rocks", super confident in his openers, and opens sets semi-consistantly because of it.

Axe, as of 12/27/08:
  • has his "basics" down (body language, grooming, dressing, etc)
  • great confidence
  • In good shape, physique wise
  • easy rapport
  • fearless openners
  • can keep a conversation going if needed to
  • pre-selection DHV routines

  • lack book knowledge
  • doesn't have enough routines in his rappateur

Being extremely new at the game, he's off to an extremely good start. I'm sure he will improve on his weaknesses with a lot of experience. If he sticks to this hobby and not be content dating instead after he finds some success (like me), he'll be an extremely compitent PUA.

Seems like he did a review of me as well in a local forum:
Ambiance and I met up at Starbucks around 3:50 pm . I was surprised when I met Ambiance he displayed a very cool and relaxed feel when he came by to greet me as I was already at the coffee shop, pretending to be interested in the book I was reading. He called my phone and waved I looked up sup Ambiance whats up. He kept good posture and a very calm aura, in my opinion representing a very Relaxed Alpha Male. He went to get his drink and I sat there a while longer of course always looking for possible sets or prospects to work with.

As he came and sat down down he leaned back kept his head up, he had a well groomed hair style and a clean look...We made general chit chat. He asked me a lot of questions, knowing that I was very new to "The Game."
He had a lot of book knowledge and was very humble in the conversation; I think he was there encouraging me a little bit more than just asking.

I don't know if he was really as impressed with my desire to expand into the lifestyle of a PUA or intrigued. I told him about some of the recent situations with my small field work and he started explaining to me what I was doing in the terms of a PUA; I am running wide open past signs that I can't read because I'm moving to fast. He just slowed things down a little bit a recapped what I had ran pass, it was a lot of great information.

I saw a girl, I recognized her, from ____ high school 2001... Ambiance was talking and I said sorry man I am not trying to be rude I just know that girl I think... "He said there is only one thing to find out." awesome motivational statement he couldn't have said it better. Now I break the 3 second rule I actually try to figure out how I want to approach and such because I am new and I don't really have a real approach I just have a jumble of information that I throw into the mix ... (this is great kills my anxiety)
Approach: Hey! did you go to ___? yes I start talking to her she draws in closer. I keep the conversation flowing now that opener was just laid down before you don't mess it up lol. I started chatting a little asking her how she was blah blah blah THEN! Ambiance "hey man I need to get going", firm hand shake..awesome to set up a story for time constraint if I need it, gave me social status and he kept his coolness around him. Aight man it was nice meeting you. I turned back to Heather, I got my phone out opened it put it in front of her as she was trying to put her coffee insulter on and I continued with a story about Mr Abraham quit blah blah blah. She said she might have a new job out of town soon was in for the holidays I wished her luck on that and she was trying to bitch test me I believe that she was running that responce at me to see my reaction if I would rush a meeting, I acted like I didn't care like I had to go as well... THANK YOU Ambiance great job.

I left and called Ambiance up, of course I knew what he did it was my first time ever being out with a real wing man, fellow PUA, (I still consider myself an AAFC) What he did was natural and genius and the same thing I would have done if I had been him. So on our parts we both get level ups there I would imagine.

I look forward to hanging out with more of you guys in efforts to improve all of our game together.

Till Next Time


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Collabrative Effort, End Cock Blocking: Pass It On

Every aspiring PUA has encountered this - you were gaming your target and isolated her. Attraction's built, comfort is near. But all of a sudden, her fat/ugly/lonely/bitter, or any of the combination friend comes in and start talking to the target, effectively cockblocking you. The flow is ruined, you go home alone, your target goes home alone, and her friend finds the comfort of "nobody's happier than her" or "nobody else is getting laid either". Maybe the friend can self-justify on her moral highhorse, that she just "saved her friend from being gamed", when in reality, her friend would actually enjoy stepping into the reality of the aspiring PUA. Most PUA's are full of techniques that maintain control of the flow while making women feel good about themselves - something most women would desire.

Well, Roosh has the solution - but it takes all of our effort. Stop playing it safe, stop acting "socially accommodating" and join Roosh in his quest to change the dynamics of the sexual economy in the US.

The way to end cockblocking in the United States came to me in a dream. I woke up and immediately grabbed a pen so I wouldn't forget something that could change the lives of millions of men.

If you get cockblocked by a girl, you need to respond by shaking her core so hard that she hesitates doing it ever again, like a mouse who hits the wrong lever and gets the shit zapped out of him. No jokes and no wit—you gotta get dirty.

This is what you must say to the cockblocker. Say it with a stern tone, like a parent scolding a child.

"Did you really just do that? I'm being friendly and respectful to your friend and you rudely interrupt. Did your parents teach you to be anti-social like that?"

Then shake your head and turn your back on her. Don't engage her in a conversation or even act like you hear her response. She no longer exists.

This ruins her night, completely. Girls are emotional creatures and it takes them a very long time to get over getting called out like that. To top it off, girls absolutely hate it when you don't allow them to respond. They are so used to getting in the last word in their arguments with men (they are addicted to closure, remember), that she will be thinking of what happened for a long time to come.

I was talking to a girl and mid-sentence out of nowhere this bitch rolls up between us and starts yapping her mouth. I tap her on the shoulder and she turns around. With a straight face I said, "You see we're talking here, right?” She gave me a stunned look and immediately stormed off. Her friend gave chase to console her.

Do you think she interrupted another conversation that night? I don't think so. She probably went home to call her beta hanger-on for support.

If every guy calls out a cockblocker just once a month, I'm confident it will cease to exist in a year or two. I'm dead serious. Girls will continue to cockblock as long as there is no punishment for doing so, and since it's against the law to slap her upside the face, you have to use words. But it's important you don't use profanity or call her names because then she won't take you seriously. Be mostly respectful so she can't immediately write you off as an asshole. You're a good guy who is shocked and appalled by the rudeness you were just victim to. You don't believe what the world is coming to.

It's our fault that girls cockblock. We've been letting them get away with it for so long that girls know there is absolutely no cost for them to block. We stand there with dumbfounded looks on our face while she gets satisfaction that her friend is going home alone just like her. It's time to let them earn that cockblock.

Here are the keywords to remember: respectful, rude, interrupt, anti-social. I don't care if I get kicked out of bars but I'm going to ruin her night, and she's going to think twice about doing it again. Worthless bitch.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Day Game in San Diego

I did a little bit of day-game while traveling to San Diego. I had the perfect opener - "Excuse me, I'm from the east coast, in town for the weekend to check the place out, and thinking of moving here. How long have you been living in San Diego and what're your thoughts on it?"

The first girl I number closed was a cashier in a downtown market. Cute, but supposedly taken (had a boyfriend). For some reason, she offered me her Email address and phone number "to keep in touch".

My second encounter was an interesting one. I was sitting at a sushi bar and a cute, older woman sat to my left. She seemed refined, around the age of mid-30's and had the "not to be bothered" vibe. I ignored her for a while, while getting my food and Saki. The Saki bottle was bigger than expected, so I was planning on taking some back to the hotel.

After "being normal" for about 10 minutes, I decided to attempt the same opener about me being in town for the weekend and wanted to "ask a local" about her opinions. She was receptive, and the set was opened. I asked her what rent prices are around here, especially an apartment by the beach (to convey that I'm a fun guy). I also DHV'ed by telling her what I did for a living, and asking questions such as "As a single guy, how much would I need to make here to be super comfortable, as in to be able to go out 4 nights a week, and randomly drop $50 each time without thinking twice about it? Something like $80k or something like $150k?" This conveyed the lifestyle I currently live and sub-communicated that "I'm not rich, but I make good money".

About 5 minutes into the conversation, I decided that she's pretty cool, so I offered her some alcohol. "Would you like some Saki? I can't possibly finish it myself" then showing her the big bottle I got. With slight hesitation, she said "Well, yeah, sure, why not." I asked for another Saki glass, and we started drinking together. I took Saki periodically in a shot-like manner, but she consistently sipped on it.

I asked her what she does, and she said she was an artist. She draws from live, pictures, or memory. So I went with a quick compliance test - I asked her to draw a 30 second characture of me from memory, as I turned facing the other way. She drew something quick on a napkin, and said "the biggest thing that stood out for me was your hair".

I made a comment about her signature, and that started my handwriting analysis routine, and she wrote a small sentence for me to analyze.

She seemed to enjoy it, so I followed it up with the cube game routine. I got her attention and her interest. IOI's were flying everywhere from her. She wanted to know all about me. We started chatting about dating and relationships, and she turned out to be married. Without a ring on her hand, maybe she said it to turn me off, but I genuinely believed she was married because I asked some more questions about it and she seemed natural about it.

At the end of the meal, I showed her my mood ring on my finger that I got at the souvenir shop, and asked her if she knew much about mood rings. She said no, and asked what the current colors meant. My response was "It shows excitement, intrigue, but also disappointment". It generated a smile from her. I then followed up by showing direct interest, "If you were single, I'd definitely invite you for a drink in my hotel room". She smiled, and seemed appreciative that I was interested.

I ended my meal by paying for my check, and we ended the night with a hug. Great experiences in San Diego.

Lessons Learned:
  • Women in San Diego have less bitch shield than women in the small town I currently live in - either that or I can attribute it to my "I'm only here for the weekend" opener
  • I need to have a true "need" to run day-game well, and it needs to be a "need" that takes more than 20 seconds to solve (such as asking for directions)
  • New routines around the mood ring sounds intriguing, I should start perfecting it