Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Unjaded Youth

The Unjaded Youth

So I'm taking a trip to the LA / San Diego area over Thanksgiving break. I'm excited because it's my first time visiting the SoCal area. While waiting at the airport, a young, cute girl asked both myself and the guy next to me if we were going to Minneapolis, our connecting stop. We both said yes. She said "Yeah, my connecting plane boards 10 minutes before this one is scheduled to land". I asked "going to LA?". She said yes, and asked me if I was doing the same thing, I said "yes", and the conversation was started among the three of us.

I mostly sat back and kept on playing with my phone while the guy next to me chatted with her. They mostly went through the "rapport building" stuff, told each other where they were from, etc. She seemed receptive and didn't have a bitch shield on, and the conversation between the guy and the girl went on for about 20 minutes. The news came - the flight was delayed an hour and they changed the gate. The guy and his friend went to the other gate, and I struck up a conversation with the girl.

Me: So what type of shows do you guys do? (She travels to do comedy shows, and sets up the stage and all)
Her: We do skit comedy about dating and relationships
Me: So how long do the shows usually last?
Her: About 2 hrs, but you don't really notice it because it's really funny and interesting
...[some more rapport building question about the show]...
Me: So being in a show about dating and relationships, does it make you jaded about the whole relationship in general?
Her: What do you mean?
Me: Well, in the past few years, I've dated a lot of women. The more women I dated, the more I seemed to be able to streamline the process, making each one even more unspecial. Do you know what I mean?
Her: Yeah, I'm currently waiting, I let Crist guide my life and I feel like I will find that special somebody.

The conversation continued. Instead of chatting about boring rapport building stuff, she and I chatted about relationships, more of what people are looking for in life. I didn't try to close her, she isn't from the city I'm from and she seems pretty clear on what she wants (at age 19), and I certainly am nothing like what she's looking for.

My Analysis of her:

  • Out going
  • No bitch shield
  • Not judgemental (especially when I told her I'm looking for and always had mLTR's)
  • Young, cute
  • Can take a joke (when I negged about not liking her name, so I'm gonna call her "Kim" from now on, it's one of my fav names for women)
  • Her youthful body language - the body language of a teenager, from laying down on 2 adjacent airport seats to sitting on her chair Indian style.

  • Religion as ideal and reasoning, "I'm not dating because God doesn't want me to date right now"
  • Has a "top 10 list" of what she wants out of her future husband - setting herself up for disappointments
  • Thinks she knows exactly what she wants at age 19.