Thursday, October 16, 2008

Direct vs Indirect Game

I have this conversation with Radium a lot, the thoughts of direct vs indirect game. I'm more of a believer in indirect game due to my own personality, and Radium does direct game more because it's worked well for him in the past.

Example of Radium's direct game:
  • [Directly look at the girls, speaking in a smooth, interested voice]
  • Hey girls, what's going on. So what're your names? [wait on answer]
  • Awesome, I'm [insert name].
  • So where're you girls from? [wait on answer]
  • That's awesome, I'm from [insert location].
  • So are you going to college there? [wait on answer]
  • Cool, what's your major? [wait on answer]
  • [insert a 15 second comment about when he was in college].
  • [ask next comfort building question]

Example of my indirect game:
  • [Walking by a couple of girls, quick stop looking over the side of the shoulder, body language being a an angle, speaking in an extremely casual voice]
  • Quick question, my friend and I made a bet. I lost and have to dye my hair. Is it acceptable for me to dye my hair black (I have natually black hair)?
  • Awesome, I knew you girls would agree with me, thanks (or "Oh? Why not? I AM gonna dye my hair, he just didn't specify the color).
  • [Interrupting whatever the girl's going to say next] Your nose wiggles when you talk, did you know that? Go ahead, what were you saying?
  • [transitioin into DHV story]

Our philosophies on direct game:
Me: Going after them directly and showing too much interest in the girls(before they're interested in me) lowers my value. "I" approached "them", I'm more interested in them than they are interested in me. I'm after them, they know it, therefore I'm starting off with a handicap of the perceived (maybe subconscious) thought of "they're better than me", and "they have higher social value than I do".

Radium: I am great at building rapport, and they love talking about their favorite subjects - themselves. Women always tell me I'm a great listener because I let them yap on about themselves.

Personally, I think if done correctly, both work, and both work well. The main difference is the opener. At a certain point in pick-up, you're supposed to show interest, no matter what type of game you run. Here are some techniques to pull both off during the beginning phases of each game type:

To build attraction via direct game:
  • Sub-communicating sincerity
  • Strong intent
  • Body language and directness showing high value

To build attraction via indirect game:
  • Sub-communicating playfulness
  • False Disqualification (through words or body language)
  • Neg
  • DHV stories

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