Friday, September 26, 2008

Loss Of Networking Girl

Well, easy come easy go. The girl I got through Networking Game found a boyfriend, and I'm truly happy for her. She's always been looking for that fairy tale, looking for her prince charming. I told her I'm not looking for anything exclusive, but I encouraged she to go find her fairy tale. Until she does, we can keep getting together. Well, she found someone that's willing to commit and treat her well, let's hope things work out for them. If things don't work out, I can always use an extra girl in my collection a bit down the road. :)

Seems like now I have to go out sarging more often and replace her. As my game evolves, I need to learn how to prolong casual relationships with exclusive relationship seeking women before they walk away. Such a predictable cycle:
  • sarging
  • hooking
  • dating
  • "the talk"
  • settling on the girl's part (on the type of relationship)
  • girl stops settling and walks out
  • sarging to replace her
Thanks goodness this is a fun cycle. :)


Anonymous said...

hey dude whats up. i see u change things a little bit, looks good! keep it up.

Ambience said...

Yeah, changed the blog a bit for a while. It's been kinda boring for me, it's been more "dating" than "picking up".

What about you? How're things going on your end?