Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Networking Game & Fool's Mate

Attributes of Fool's Mate:
  • Easy success
  • Tough to replicate
  • Doesn't help much with overall experience
  • Comes from chess term, where you beat the opponent in 2 (or 4) moves.

So now there's a new girl in my life that I met through networking game. Networking game as in an acquaintance of a friend, and we met in a social gathering which my friend attended. I number closed and time-bridged our first date to be watching the Olympic basketball game at my place.
  • Time: 10AM on a Sunday morning.
  • Place: My place.
I built some Kino really quick, when she was looking out of my downtown apartment window for the view (slightly bent over) when she first came in, I jokingly said "Are you trying show off your ass?" and gave it a quick, light smack. I didn't really care if I pissed her off anyway because I didn't put in the work of cold-approach, therefore I don't value her or the outcome much. She responded well, by the first quarter of the basketball game I held her in my arms on the couch. We made out during half-time, I transitioned into the bedroom, "sealed the deal", and the 2nd half of the basketball game was never watched. I've never had a SNL before, and this is the closest thing to it.

I spent the entire day with her and she invited me to sleep over her place that night which I did. We had "the talk" about what we're looking for in life. She's looking for a relationship but I'm not looking for anything exclusive. The idea of "dating around" seemed foreign to her, but she seemed okay with it, for now. I basically told her "I don't want to stop you from finding your prince charming because I'm not looking for anything exclusive, but until you find that prince charming, we can spend time together".

I've been spending about 2 nights a week with her for the past 2 weeks. She boosts my temporary happiness, but I feel like I cheated. I obtained her through networking game and not cold approach, and this experience does very little helping me improve my overall game.

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