Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Decline Of Success

The chart below shows my level of success in every new technique I learn with my current skills - whether it's a new cross-over in basketball, new shot in billiards, or new strategy in a video game. When learning doing something new, I fuck up more than I succeed and am temporarily worse off than before, but after I master the new skills, I can take the new skills and incorporate with my existing ones, and see greater success I couldn't see before.

Sarging is no different. I used to get semi-success by "winging it" with fairly high energy as opener, such as "Hey, what's up" or "What's going on, what's your name" stuff, I got semi-success out of it. I currently am trying to learn The Mystery Method, or some form of variation of it. I'm trying to move my game into more opinion openers with transition into a conversation. As of right now, success is seldom, but I know this is something I should do as a part of my long-term success.

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