Thursday, July 24, 2008

You can find me in da club...

Ambiance, another friend (which we'll call B) and I went out to a club on Wednesday. We went to meet up with an Asian girl we met that I number closed for B. The plan was to get with her friends and hang out. The night started out late due to some random BS but we got there about 11. The club was 25% capacity and so we grabbed a table to feel the club out. After about a good 45 minutes to an hour, I got restless sine the Asian girl had not shown up. So I was fully drunk and I went over and asked a girl to dance to some Hip Hop music that was playing. She was not the only one to go as she forced her friend up as well so she could have fun too. Her friend was very stiff and almost looked scared as she tried to leave the girl I was dancing with on the dance floor with me.

We did the grinding and provocative dancing that goes with it. Ambiance tried to block the other chick, but she was ready to go and the one I was dancing with did not want to go. There was one problem I did not realize while I was dancing nasty with her: I was TOO aggressive. While she was into it, there was no trust factor built. Big problem because as I got more into the dancing it got a little more, how can I say... Adventurous. As far as she knew I was a serial killer.

Well she said she had to go to the restroom after about 5 songs (I like to call it the 'portal' because in this club once you go in there you don't come out). Ambiance and I talked to a few other chicks, a boring set of two who said they were not into the music.

I saw the Aisin chick we were looking for who was on the other side of the club the whole time. We talked for a bit and I told her that B left. Then after I left her a group of 5 chicks litterally ran into me and one kept saying she lost her friend. I was going to help her find her but she happened to be right behind her. I danced with her friend and dropped the two set.

We then left after that and grabbed a bite to eat. Once done we hit on a few other chicks who each had dudes hanging out waiting for them right after we started talking to them. Ambiance had some good transitions from the openers, but alas, they were already spoken for...

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