Thursday, July 31, 2008

Women's DHV

Lately, some wings and I have struck conversations with hot female bartenders. Not long into conversations, I noticed some of them try to pull DHV and pre-selection routines.

  • (after I give them my name) They call me Legs Linda in [xxx bar], but they call me Sexy Linda in [yyy bar]. They already have a someone called Hot Linda, but she's a total bitch, so I guess my name pisses her off a bit
  • (after my undershirt opener) I think you should only wear under shirts if your chest is tanned. My ex-boyfriend was muscular, so he looked good with no under shirt
We all know why PUA's use DHV routines - the qualities that makes a "high social value man" isn't easily "seen", so men use DHV stories and routines to "convey" them, such a pre-selection and social proof.

I'm sure the female bartenders did those DHV routines without consciously deciding to do it, but how did they get into the habit of doing so? What does that really accomplish for them? 95% of a woman's social value is in her "hotness", and I'm actually less likely to want her because of those lines she delivered. After delivering the lines, her "hotness" didn't increase, but her attainability decreased, so isn't that counterproductive for them to do?

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