Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wed Night Sarge

Radium and I went out sarging last Wed night.

We started at a neighborhood bar. It wasn't crowded, but there also wasn't any open tables until a group left. It was table with 6 seats in it, and we sat down on it hoping to pull a couple of girls to sit down with us, using the excuse of "no open tables". We sat and chilled out for a bit, and this couple wanted to sit down at our table. We tried to reject them by saying "We're expecting our friends to join us", but they just invited themselves to sit with us by saying "It's cool, we'll leave when they get here". To our surprise, 2 more girls joined them at the table after they sat down, and the set was opened.

We made intros, and the set was split. The original couple was chatting between each other, I was chatting with one girl while Radium chatted up the other one. I made the classic mistake of not building much "attraction" during the chat, but built some comfort. We chatted about traveling and such. She talked about visiting the big city I was from often, we shared our favorite spots in the city, etc. At this point, Radium's chick faced me and said something like "I just wanted you to know that I know what's going on with you and [Radium] and I fully support your choice." I got confused, "huh? What're you talking about?" She said "It's okay, I know you two are gay with each other. I just busted out laughing, I shouted over the table to Radium, "Dude, did you tell her we were gay?" She said "It's okay, I don't judge you or anything, I think it's great that you guys are open about it." I laughed some more. Throughout all of this, she was upbeat and smiling about it, don't know if she really believed that, or she was just fucking with Radium as a joke. Either way, I kinda dismissed her while smiling, "Yeah, glad you approve", and kept on chatting up with the girl I was talking to before.

Radium's girl went to get a drink, I asked her to buy me something as well and started taking out some cash, and she said "Are you gonna pay for my drink?" I said "Hah, no". She said "Then I'm not gonna get you anything". I joked "Fine then, be that way". Radium was also getting up for a drink and I handed him some cash and asked him to get me a drink. By now, the table's left with the original couple that sat down with us first, which I now no longer believe is a couple, the girl I chatted with, and myself. I started to talk to the girl I was chatting with across the table because there's been some random seat movements among them when Radium's girl started talking to me. She chatted back with me, and I handmotioned her to come closer to me because I didn't want to shout across the table. She came over, and I saw it as a weak IOI. I ran a handwriting analysis routine, then kept on chatting with her. The girl from the "original couple" was going to the bathroom, and dragged the girl I was talking to with her. By now, both Radium and his girl came back. We all chatted for a while, she kept on fucking with us via the gay thread, and we continued chatting.

Radium's girl was asking the original guy in the group where the other two girls went, and
he said they went to the bathroom, but who knows where they are now, they might've left by now, they're flaky like that. I looked at Radium and asked him how he's doing, he said he wasn't getting anywhere, so I said "if those 2 girls don't come back in 10-15 minutes, let's leave". He agreed. The whole table chatted for a while, I pulled out my phone, pretended to answer a call, and hang up. I then said "Hey guys, remember our friends that were supposed to join us here? Well, they actually are at the bar down the street and they thought we were supposed to join them." They were like "Wow, that sucks". We exited using that excuse. I asked Radium why he told her we were gay while we walked out, he said something like "She hinted that we were, and I kinda just rolled with it".

We approached a couple more sets with some function and opinion openers, but none transitioned to anything. At the end of the night, we hit up another bar. We first went to the outside bar and saw 3 girls sitting at the bar, but were cashing out. The bartender gave me a hard time of paying using for each drink vs starting a tab and everything, the set laughed a little about it, and we opened the set. We made some intros, and one of the girl's name was "Andy". I asked so what's Andy" short for? Her friend said "Andrea" as Andy was a bit quiet, I made a joke "That's good, cuz I thought Andy was a boy's name. Her friend said something about it could be used for both sexes. They were on the way to the balcony of the bar, and left. Radium and I sat at the bar for a bit more, and decided to check out the balcony. There were sets to open other than those 3, and we sat with them again. I thought it was slightly needy, but whatever, it's the end of the night.

I started chatting with the more talkative one (HBTalkative) while Radium talked with one he later on told me was "sweet" (HBSweet). Andy, the quiet one just sat there by herself. At a conversation low-point, I looked at Andy, said with high energy
Ambiance: "What's up, everything cool? How much have you had tonight?".
Andy, saying with a bitchy/annoyed voice: "I don't know why everyone keeps asking me that, I'm not drunk!"
Radium, saying with a fake drunk slur teasing her: "I'm not drunk at all, I always talk like this"
Andy: [Started bitching about something I didn't remember at the time]
Ambiance - trying to dismiss her bitchiness as childish: "Ah.....kids nowadays"
Andy, still angry: "How old are you?"
Ambiance: "How old are YOU?"
Andy: "I'm 22, now how old are YOU?"
Ambiance: "I'm 28"
Andy: "Well, this is a kid's table, so why don't you leave"
HBTalkative: "Yeah"
Ambiance, faking a smile, looking at HBTalkative: "Maybe I should, it was great chatting with you and have a good night".

I gave a head tilt to Radium and he looked at the table and said "Have a good night" as well, and we walked out of the bar. We laughed so hard at what just happened, and we still laugh about it every time we talk about it. I was talking about we should be more of a jackass and told them "we also sit here now, so it's an adult table, and I think you should leave" just because they were bitches. Maybe she serious was pissed, or maybe she had high bitch shield and that was a glorified all-or-nothing shit-test.

We went to a couple of more bars, approached a couple of more sets but didn't get anywhere. At the end of the night, we bumped into the guy we saw at the first bar and he was also finishing the night with Radium's girl. She talked about us being gay again, I kinda did my greeting with the guy cuz I built a little more rapport with him while we were there. Radium gave her a hug goodnight, and we ended the night there. As we were walking away:
Radium: Dude, I just acted drunk as shit and grabbed her tits during that hug.
Ambiance: Niiiiiiice, good job bro.
Radium: She definitely knows we're not gay now!
Ambiance: Good job bro. In addition to the Number close and Make Out close, we should invent one more, the "Grab her on the tits Close".

We laughed a bit at everything and then laughed some more about the 3-set we pissed off, and ended the night there.

Things I did well:

  • Split conversations in sets - After sets were opened, Radium and I always could split into mini-conversations with separate girls, instead of the whole table engaged in one conversation. But it's very dependent on seating, due to the loudness of the bar and we only could "split" into the groups that were sitting closer to one another.
Things I needed to improve on:
  • Building attraction - couldn't build attraction after sets were opened and split
  • The first bar - The first girl I was chatting with "went to the bathroom with her friend" and never came back. I should've recognized it before and attempted a number close before that
  • Not fucking with bitchy chicks - We got blown out of the last set because I started fucking with the bitchy chick. I should've let it go and not tried to engage her in anything. She would've been an obstacle in the future, but we would've went further in our set.

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