Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday Adventures

While I was at the big city over July 4th weekend, I got to hang out a little on Saturday after my Friday Night Barhopping.

I scheduled a coffee date at 4:30PM with a girl I dated a while back, and I had an hour to kill before that. I chilled out at a Barns & Noble, and my coffee date texted me around 4PM and said she won't make it till 5PM because she was getting on the metro at the time from the opposite part of the city, and asked me if that was okay. I texted back and said it's cool, and I reserved till 6PM for her.

While at Barns & Noble, I bumped into an ex coworker. She was around early to mid 30's, Asian, cute, small frame, HB6. I didn't really know her while working there much, but I'm glad I bumped into her now. I started with "Excuse me, don't you work for ____"? She recognized me and we started chatting about how my life is, etc. It turned out that she, like me, also is Chinese American, which built an instant rapport. With about 15 minutes into it, she asked me what book I was carrying in my hand. It was "The Game" by Neil Strauss. I talked about it as a fiction, about a guy learning to pick up girls and got serious into it, but eventually he met a girl he really enjoyed being around, none of his picking up gimmicks would work, and he had to "be himself", and the story had a happy ending of those two getting together.

I asked her what she was reading, she was holding a cookbook, and she said she liked looking at the pictures. After I asked her, she told me she doesn't have a husband or kids, and she doesn't cook much. I said "Maybe you can cook for me sometime", and she agreed. We talked about what we did last night, I told her I went out drinking with our mutual coworkers, and asked her if she drinks. She only does on special occasions, and I asked if me coming back a few time a year counts as special occasion, she said yes, and I got her number so I can take her out for a drink or two the next time I visit. She wrote it on my PDA, I teased her a little on her handwriting, and made her write out her Chinese name. We chatted for about 5 more minutes. I told her before hand that I'm doing coffee with a friend at 5, and I left around 4:55. This girl seemed somewhat dry and not fun, but she's the cute, sweet, first generation Chinese type.

I met up with my coffee date at 5. We chatted most of the time with her in my arms, we kissed here and there, but no making out in the coffee shop. I told her that she still felt good in my arms, and she smiled. I tried getting her to spend Sunday night with me (I already got plans with friends for that night), she said she had to work early the next day. I told her I'd take her to work, but she kept on saying no, so I backed off. I had plans for Sunday till about 8ish, I asked her if she wanted to get together, she asked "is 5PM too late", I replied that I had plans till 8PM, and she indicated that it was too late for her. We chatted a little more and we parted ways at 6PM. I would've attempted to take her somewhere private afterwards, but I didn't have a hotel room at the time, and I had plans at 6.

Things I did well:
  • Approached my ex-coworker when I wasn't sure it was her.
  • Built rapport with my ex-coworker, number closed her, set up possibilities for drinks for the next time I visit the area (a few times a year).
  • Set my boundaries with my coffee date being late - I'm only staying till 6PM, so how much time she got to spend with me depended on when she showed up.
Things I could've improved
  • Couldn't figure out a way to get my coffee date to spend the night with me Sunday night.

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