Monday, July 28, 2008

New Wing - Graves

I've met a new pickup partner, Graves, and we went out last Monday sarging. He's been in the game longer than I have, but seemingly has the same problems I do during the approach phase. He can approach, but can't transition into a "normal conversation" or a DHV story. He seems to be a fairly strong believer of the Mystery Method, and I feel like I can learn a lot from him knowledge wise. He is really knowledgeable on body language and seems like a very social guy.

We went out barring, opened a couple of sets, but conversation ended quickly after the opinion opener. We planned for doing this again today, but we should come prepared. Our homework is to have an opener with 3 stacks to go with it. I haven't done mine yet, but I'll come up with it in the next 8 hours before we go out.

Nice to know there're more people in the community.


Emergency said...


Awesome blog. It's good to see that people outside of cities and clubs are giving pickup a chance. From my experience, I know that there is much more calibration needed with approaching and much more comfort. Most people I know around here that have game work with social circles.

Excited for your next posts!

Ambience said...

Thanks for the comment, Emergency. Social circles is good. I usually don't do "networking game" because I'm still new at it, and I've definitely pissed off a few people during pickup, by being too much of a dick or got too aggressive.

I guess I just choose to leave social circles alone because I have more to lose than just pissing off one girl.