Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Friday Night Date

After totally mayoring it up last Tuesday night, I called her again for drinks. While scheduling on the phone, she said she might be a bit late, and I asked her to meet me at my place so I'm not stuck waiting on her at the bar, and she agreed. I decided to pull the David D technique, where you bring the girl into your place before the date, but rush her right out. It serves two purposes:
  1. To build trust, showing her that you're not taking advantage of the situation that you got her into your place.
  2. Setting up comfort for the end of the night - she's already been into your place, so at the end of the night when you take her back there, she'll be somewhat comfortable because she's already been there.
I live in one of those apartments that you need to get "buzzed" into the front door, and go up the stairs. Now I need an excuse for her to come on up instead me going down there and leaving for the date. I've thought of "I'm just finishing getting dressed", but that makes me sound like a girl and she shouldn't be coming up if I wasn't dressed anyway. I've asked around and a coworker suggested that I was "finishing up some work that came up". Instead of using that, I told her that I was finishing up an Email, and it worked wonders.

I asked her to sit on the couch in the living room while stepping into my bedroom to "finish my Email". My bedroom door was open, I talked to her while I typed a bunch of nothing on my keyboard. When I "finished my Email", I came out and saw her checking out my bookshelf. She joked "I'm just being nosy" and I rushed her along, "Come on, let's go". She saw my kung-fu movies and we were chatting about it. She wanted to finish checking out my bookshelf and she called me a nerd because she saw my checkers set and my book from college, "99 critical shots in pool". I came back with a neg "Hell yeah I'm a nerd, maybe you should borrow that book, you'd suck a little less in pool that way". I put out interesting magazines on my coffee table when I know a date's coming over, from travel to art magazines, but I never took the time to "optimize" my bookshelf, other than not having books about picking up women there. I saw her being nosy as an IOI, she was interested in my lifestyle, wanted to find clues on what type of a guy I am.

While we were leaving out of my apartment, I'm teasing her as usual, and she said jokingly "Fine then, maybe I should just leave". I recognized the shit test this time, and joked "Sure, maybe you should. But either way, I'm walking that way towards the bar, if you happen to leave the same direction as the bar, I'd understand".

We walked to the first neighborhood bar and had one drink each. Chatted a little, nothing special, and walked down the street for the next bar. She wanted to pay for her own drink, but I picked up the check and said "you can pay the next one". I saw a semi-upscale restaurant/bar open that I've never seen before, and I asked her if she knew of this place. She didn't, so we went into it for a drink. We looked at the menu, it's pricier than the bars around it, such as martinis are $11. She bought a $4 beer, and I got a $7 drink. We chatted a little more, and I picked up this round too because it was my idea to come and try this restaurant I've never tried before. After we walked out, I started a small DHV thread on our salary discrepancy:
Me: I should've taken a look at the menu, living this close, I definitely can imagine this place being somewhere I visit often
Her: Yeah, it looks like a nice place, I know they got pizza, I saw the waitress carry out a few of them
Me: Yeah, they do look good. Do you know if they have California Pizza Kitchen around here?
Her: I've never heard of it
Me: Well, it's an Italian food chain that I used to go to a lot, they have it in a few major cities, I was just wondering if they had it here. It's one of those places where they sell some great personal sized pizzas for $12.
Her: That's kinda pricey
Me: I guess, but their pizza's definitely worth it, I used to go there a lot when I lived in ___. Speaking of that, the last time I visited .... [ending small DHV thread, transitioned into next thread].
We went to a billiards place, and shot a few games of pool. In between, she and I walked up to the bar for a drink, and asked for the shot special they had. We each took a shot special of the night. She volunteered to pay for this one and I let her. We played a few more games of pool, and walked out. The date started around 8:45ish, and we've been out for a little over 2 hours. I just walked down the street, she asked where we were going, and I said, without hesitation, "We're going to my place and having one more drink". She said "Okay".

I arrived at my place, she went into the living room while I used the restroom. When I came out, she was browsing in my bedroom, looking at stuff on my dresser, such as my deodorant, mirror, and cologne and such. I took this as another IOI, and teased "Nosy Nosy". She said "Your door was open, and it's not like I opened any drawers or anything". I led her to the kitchen and made two low-ball semi-girly drinks in the same shaker, which should subconsciously tell her that I'm not getting her more drunk than myself. She went to use the restroom, as I put on my mood lights in my living room, and put on some soft Euro trip pop music. She came back and sat on my couch, I asked her to sit closer, and put my arms around her. She responded positively and leaned towards me, I held her in my arms. We chatted while we sipped on our drinks.
Her: I can tell that you live by yourself, your bathroom's clean too.
Me: Oh? How often do you clean your apartment?
Her: When I'm not being lazy, about every week or so.
Me: Wow, that's frequent. I clean mine about every 2 months or so.
Her: You don't mess it up either, since you live by yourself and have no pets
Me: Yeah, that's true......and well, I don't really clean mine, I have it cleaned every 2 months or so, my maid does it.
Her: I never knew anyone that has a maid.
Me: Well, when I hear the word "maid", I think of someone like "Alice" from that TV show.......what's the name of that 70's show, where two families join together as one?
Her: The Brady Bunch?
Me: Yeah, that's it. I don't have anything like that, she just comes and cleans my apartment and leaves. She's great because she doesn't bother me while she does it, she lets me work on my computer and such.
Her: Yeah, but I can't imagine paying to get my place cleaned
Me: Yeah, I guess, but it's pretty cheap, I only pay for it every 2 months or so.
I thought it was a small DHV thread about my lifestyle, and we continued chatting about things. It somehow went back to bathrooms and I said:
Me: I don't know why, but for some reason, women like to leave things in my bathroom
Her: Like what?
Me: Like shampoos and such. This girl left a bottle of shampoo in my shower, and I gave it back to her the next time I saw her. It's almost like a cat marking her spot or something
Her: Yeah, it's exactly like that
Me: But how could they tell though? I have some really metro stuff in there, how could they tell if it's left from a girl or naturally mine?
Her: What do you have?
Me: I have a Paul Mitchell shampoo right now, and some really girly body wash from Bath and Body Works. So I don't know how a girl would know the difference whether it's natually mine or if it's something left from another girl.
Her: Oh, she'll know.
Me: How?
Her: She will, trust me.
We continued chatting about random things, I think that sparked her feeling of jealousy just a little. While I had her in my arms, I tilted her head back by gently lifting up her chin, and kissed her, she responded positively. I kept on talking to her, just general chatting about life like we always do. I DO remember saying 3 fairly AFC things, but probably not in that order:
  1. I'm glad you came out drinking with me tonight
  2. You fit really well in my arms
  3. You know what, I enjoy your company
We made out a little more, I tried pursuing it more, but she brushed my hand away, she told me that she isn't having sex until she gets married. I asked her "Have you always felt that way? As in are you a virgin?" She said "Yes, but I've 'done stuff', if you know what I mean". I gave her a kiss on her forehead, "I understand, I respect that, and I don't want to do anything you're not comfortable with." She said she's comfortable in my arms, and I led her to my bedroom on the bed, "you're gonna lay down in my arms, we don't have to do anything you wouldn't feel comfortable with".

She commented on how comfortable my bed was, and I put the comforter on both of us, and said "I've always thought my comforter was the most comfortable part about my bed". As we layed on my bed, I kissed her some more, we made out. At one point, she was being aggressive and was straddling me (with both our cloths on), and was grinding me. I lifted up her shirt and said "Lift up". She lifted her arms and I took her shirt off. I unhooked her bra after kissing her a little more, took it off her arm, but I hit some LMR. She seemed to have changed her mind and covered her bra up to her chest and wouldn't let it leave her chest. Maybe it was her rule of no bra off on 2nd date, or maybe she changed her mind on something, I don't know. I tried to gently give her arms a little push so she wouldn't be holding her bra on, but she wouldn't move her arms. She put her bra back on, I held her in my arms a little longer and chatted. About 15 minutes later, she told me she was going to go. I told her "Yeah, you should", but as soon as she sits up, I grab her waste and pull her back in my arms. She smiled, layed in my arms a little longer, and said "I really should go", and I said "Yeah, you really should", and did it again. But right after I did it, I let go of her, and joked "Yeah, you should go" as I got off the bed.

I walked her down the street to her car, when she was about to get into her car, I said "Come here, you need a proper goodbye". I gave her a hug, which I squeezed her ass in the process. She smiled a little, and I told her I'd text or call her mid-next week.

Things I did well:
  • Brought her up to my apartment just to leave real quickly
  • Passed an early shit-test about her jokingly leaving
  • Fun vibe throughout the night out
  • Transitioned to my apartment at the end of the night under the assumption "that's just where we were going, no big deal"
  • Pulled out the jealousy card successfully while holding her

Things I fucked up on:
  • Couldn't break through the LMR, don't know what I could've done - maybe Style's "100% perfect girl" story could help, don't know.


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