Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Friday Night, Big City - Part 1

So I went back and visited the big city I lived in for the past 2 years. I went out sarging with my friend Mustang. My friend SO and his girlfriend J also joined us.

Bar 1:
Our first spot was a neighborhood dive bar in the suburbs - the typical white American "fratastic" type. I approached a 2-set and they weren't into it. I attempted to open with the "my friend and I were debating how long you've known each other" opener and got one word answers when I did some follow up questions. Mustang wasn't able to keep the set interested as well, so I exited with the "Thanks for settling the debate, he owes me a drink now".

I saw a girl walking through our spot saying "excuse me" to J and J moved aside for her. I stepped in J's spot blatantly stopping the girl holding up my arms somewhat like a football lineman pose preventing her from getting through, and it generated a courteous laugh from her. I said confidently and loudly pointing to my friends "What's up, these are the most awesome people I know, and you should chill with us and get to know them too". She said "Yeah, but I have to go to the bathroom, I will be back though". I gave a smile and said "Pshhhhh.....yeah, whatever, go", almost like dismissing a small child, but to my surprise, she came back and started talking to us. The 1-set was opened.

This girl's about an HB6.5, blond, fun. I negged her about 3-4 times, one after an other. At one point she didn't believe the state I was from, so I pulled out my driver's license and said "Here ya go, I got a license to prove it". She looked at it, saw my age, and the conversation continued in a playful mood:

HBblond: So you're 28, huh?
Ambiance: Yeah, how old are you?
HBblond: Let's just say I'm older.
Ambiance: How much older?
HBblond: I'm not gonna tell you that.
Ambiance: It's okay, I'm a gentleman, I'll still push you around in your wheel chair.

By now, J made a really surprise gasp, covering her mouth with her hands. I think HBblond is offended because J thought it was offensive, the type of "social proof" thing. I guess I negged her a little too much, she started talking to Mustang instead, looking over at him and say "Is your friend always this full of shit?" and continued to talk to him. I turned around from them and talked to my friends SO and J for a few seconds, turned back around, saw Mustang and HBblond having a good conversation going on, so I continued to chat with my friends and left Mustang with HBblond.

They talked for a solid 15 minutes or so, Mustang was doing great. He falsely disqualified her by saying "I don't like blonds". He attempted to make her jump through some hoops by saying "Sorry, I'm kinda thirsty and I'll only keep talking to you if you buy me a drink". She refused and said "here in America (Mustang's semi-foreign and speaks with an European accent), guys buy girls drinks". Mustang then said "Okay, let me have some of your drink then". She protested but still shared, and while chatting with her, Mustang must've finished 3/4 of the girl's drink. Mustang was doing well, kept pushing her for the drink. She kept on saying no, then Mustang kept the playful smiley vibe the whole time and told her "Yeah, sorry, I think you should go chat with the other guys instead". She reluctantly left.

I gave Mustang some props on the interaction, asked if he wants to play 1 game of pool so she can come back and find you in the next 10 minutes before we leave for the next bar, Mustang said "fuck this, let's go". I asked him why he let her go without giving her a chance to come back, there seemed to have a slight miscommunication, he was thinking I'd come back and keep chatting with her, and he was keeping her around for me. He told me I negged her too much, she was all into me until the wheel chair joke, if I would've came back and bought her a beer, she totally would've been mine. I told Mustang she didn't deserve a drink from me and I don't believe in buying girls drinks. She has to do something nice for me first, and standing around and talking to us wasn't enough.

We took the metro into the city. On the metro, 4 young looking girls were sitting next to the spot Mustang and myself were standing. They looked really young, about the age of 20, but they were dressed to go out and party, skimpy and flashy, like any college kid would dress in downtown of major cities. I knew I didn't have the time to do anything with the set, but wanted wanted to open it just for practice, get into the mood for when I went into the city. I overheard one girl calling another girl "magical", so I interrupted and said "Who's magical?" with a really upbeat vibe. One girl pointed to another and said "She is".

I looked at her and said: "You are? Me too, that's awesome, what's your magical power?".
Her: "You tell me yours first"
Me: "My power's I can tell what anyone's thinking all the time. {pause} Such as right now, you're thinking I'm full of shit and I would have to agree with you".

It generated a laugh, the set was opened. I chatted about where we were going, asked them where they were going and they replied "We're going home". I negged and said "You girls look too young be going out drinking anyway", they replied "We're 21". I said "Suuuuuure you are". I figured I couldn't do much with the set anyway and our stop was coming up next, so started chatting with Mustang and ignored the girls, and said "have a good night" to them as I was walking out of the train, into the big city.

To Be Continued

Things I did well:
  • First set - opened without fear. Didn't get anywhere, but was a good open
  • HBblond - Confident open, confident conversation. Built up my friends as "most awesome people there is" to convey that I have good social proof that I'm a good friend.
  • 4-set on metro - Thinking quickly on my feet, opened with an upbeat attitude
Things I fucked up on:
  • Set Selection - Hearing from J, the first two girls clearly didn't want to be disturbed. They were having food on a bar, sitting on a chair, faced towards each other towards the bar
  • Social Calibration - Should've stopped negging HBblond a little sooner. The anti-older-woman-defense wheel chair joke usually works well, but I think it was J's surprise gasp that made HBblond more offended than she should've been.

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