Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Friday Night, Big City - Part 2

Continuing from previous post, we arrived into the big city by metro.

Bar 2:
We went to the first bar and it was loud and nobody could hear anyone talk, so we left without getting a drink and went to the second. After standing around for a while, we stepped out to the rooftop. Most of the tables were taken, with the exception of table occupied by a 3-set. They were cute girls, and I asked them if I could sit there. The girls didn't seem to speak English well, with one of them gesturing we should sit. The girls look semi-European, with one of them wearing a French hat tilted to the side. The seat was semi-wet, she gestured I should use this sheet in one of the empty chairs. I spoke slowly (but not so slow that it's insulting) while gesturing, "is this yours?" She said "yes" in a weird tone, which I assumed was a foreign accent. I said "No, that's okay, I can get over it". I sat down and realized it was more wet for my comfort, I stood up, they laughed, I reached for the sheet, wiped my seat, and said "thank you". I took them offering the sheet as an IOI.

I shook the first girl's hand while the second girl gestured I should put it on my head. I thought it was something of their culture to prevent getting wet from the drizzling rain, but they weren't wearing any, so I said "No, that's okay". She wouldn't shake my hand and kept on gesturing I should do it. I put it on my shoulder, shook her hand, and took it off and put it back on the chair. I thought that was weird, then a light switch flipped on in my brain. "Oh fuck, that was a shit-test and I just failed it". By now, SO and J joined us, were standing around and chatting with Mustang and myself, the girls were gesturing stuff with each other via hand signals, that's when I realized the girls were deaf. They excused themselves via the excuse of giving up the seats to SO and J, gesturing they sit down, we were gesturing "No, they're your seats, you sit down", they gestured "It's okay, we're leaving". I handed the more "talkative" one (first girl that shook my hand and offered me the sheet) my card and gestured "Email me". She smiled and nodded, which I knew I wasn't going to hear from them ever again. I lost the set, SO was making fun of me saying "Wow, good job clearing the table for us. Let's see if you can approach more tables and clear them all out and we'll have the patio all to ourselves". I responded with my usual laughter and "Fuck you man, fuck you". We walked over to the other side of the bar, SO told me to go hit on this chick that's talking to a guy, I declined, and we left the bar.

We hit up another bar, this one has different rooms and each has a bar in it. I went to the bathroom and left my friends at the main bar room. On the way back, I saw a chick sitting by herself at a bar in at a side-room, which is not crowded at all. I was somewhat drunk at the time and don't really remember her much, but she was something like an HB4.5 or so, with glasses. I grabbed a drink from that bar right next to her, and started a conversation.

Me: What's up
HBglasses: What's going on
Me: What you doing here by yourself?
HBglasses: I'm waiting on my friends to show up
Me: I'm going back to my friends, they're the most awesome people, and you should join us in the mean while.

HBglasses followed me to the main bar to join my friends, intros were made, but the conversation became boring. There was a boring pause and nobody bothered to fill it with any random conversation thread, and HBglasses said "I'm gonna go back to the other bar, but I'll be back though". My friends and I chilled out there for about 7 minutes, we made the assumption that HBglasses weren't coming back, and we left the bar. The set was lost.

Our group split up. Mustang and I decided to go out to another bar in a different part of town via cab, while SO and his girlfriend J decided to go home. We hit up a rooftop bar. The setting was fun and the crowd was mixed. While Mustang went to the bathroom, I opened a set of 2 black girls. An HB8 and an HB6. HB8 was a model while HB6 worked in an office. HB6 was dressed somewhat unusual, she wore a dashiki (African dress) with American-type bracelets, the really really thin ones that you wear 15 of them on your wrist. Mustang talked to HBmodel for a little while, while I chatted with HBdashiki. Later on, HBdashiki's sister joined, and also a small framed, non-threatening gay guy joined us as well. Mustang and I engaged the whole group, the gay guy's a fashion designer and I asked him for some fashion advice. He told me my shoes (fancy dress shoes) are okay, but my khaki slacks could fit better. He said the biggest advice he can give me is "create your own style", which made absolutely no sense to me. I went to grab a drink and asked him if I could get him a drink to thank him for the fashion advice, and he wanted a cranberry juice. I returned with our drinks and continued the conversation with HBdashiki. By now, HBmodel was going to get a drink, she bragged about they know the people here and she doesn't pay for drinks, and Mustang tried to convince her to get him a drink as well, and it wasn't successful. HBdashiki and I talked about playing pool in the future, I got her number, and we shook hands. While having her hand in mine, I took one of her thin bracelets (without asking), put it in my front shirt pocket to generate a smile, and left. I doubt I'd see HBdashiki again because I hit up that city only a few times a year. I traded a handshake with the guy as well, thanked him for the fashion advice, he thanked me for the drink, all was cool.

On the way out of the bar, I opened a 4-set of white girls who also had the "body language" of not wanting to be disturbed. I basically started talking to one of the girls which got me intro's to another one. Mustang wasn't feeling the girls, so during the intro phase, he loudly said "Is this your mom?" to the girl he's making intros with, about one of her older looking friends facing the bar. The girl said "Okay, you've had enough, you should go". I laughed my ass off at his comment and said "yeah, let's go". We left that bar around 2AM.

That was the last bar we planned on hitting up. We walked in front of a jazz bar and saw a couple looking into it. Mustang approached the couple and asked them about the jazz club. They were going inside and said "Yeah, this is a nice place, you should check it out". Mustang and myself followed the couple into the jazz bar. He chatted with the couple while I was grabbing some water to finish off the night. I wasn't paying attention much, but it seems like Mustang went to use the restroom, and the girl did too, and I chatted with the girl's boyfriend for about 30 seconds. Mustang came back, and we left. Later on, he told me he got the girl's number by the bathroom area when she was away from the guy. I gave him mad props.

That was the end of the night and we metro'ed to Mustang's place and crashed. We planned not getting numbers and tried to get girls back to his place, but oh well, just gotta improve our game.

Things I did well:
  • More approaches, getting more comfortable opening sets at bar environments
  • Got more used to the "vibe" - fun, friendly, upbeat. A few times I was out of it by sitting down at a table with my friends drinking for too long, but I did the mental trick of closing my eyes with my head down for 5 seconds imagining the vibe I need to be in, then look back up and be in it, and it seemed to work each time.

Things I fucked up on:
  • Failed the "shit test" from one of the deaf girls
  • Still having trouble keeping a conversation going - some seemed "forced" while Mustang's conversation flowed really well.

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