Thursday, July 31, 2008

AMOGing and Winging

MM and I went out sarging Tuesday night. We went to this college-aged bar with drink specials. The drink special was being sold inside with loud music, and there's an attractive bartender somewhat bored outside by the patio working behind a tiki-bar. The bartender's tall, blond, skinny, nice legs. About a HB8. People weren't going to her due to the drink specials inside, she was chatting with another guy just standing by the bar. The guy she chatted with looked like a fairly small, non-threatening guy with glasses - gave the "lovable, intelligent, slightly nerdy guy" vibe. For the rest of the post, he'll be referred to as AFC.

AFC and HB8 were chatting here and there, with random pauses. Her body language looked bored, but not threatened enough for her to wish him away. Just for warm-ups, I opened the set with a random "undershirt or no with a button down shirt" opener, and MM picked up the conversation. I usually don't really do hired guns due to my own anxiety, so I distracted AFC while MM chatted with her. I chatted with AFC for a bit and MM was quiet deep in conversation with HB8. I felt it was safe for MM and didn't need to keep distracting AFC, and turned my back to the bar towards the patio, but still being friendly to AFC. I drank, chilled out for a while, and though I'd be social and say hi to random people walking by in front of me and the bouncers. Things went well, I started conversations with strangers, but mostly guys.

I sat down at a 6-seat table with only 4 girls, and said "my buddy's busy chatting with the bartender, thought I'd sit here and chat with you girls for a while." One of the hotter girls at the table said something like "Seems like he ditched you". I smiled, and said "he's chatting with her, and it's good that I leave them alone, because in return, when I do that, I'd want him to leave me alone as well. So what're your names?" Names were passed around, intros were made. The girls sitting further away from me kept talking among themselves while I struck up a conversation with a HB4 on the next seat. My weakness in my game's realized again - I can't keep a conversation going. We chatted about some random "boring" topics, and AFC came up and started talking, with fairly high energy. "Hey....____......What's up!!!" I chatted with AFC for a little more, he asked me how I was doing.
Ambiance: I'm doing awesome.
AFC, sees me sitting with girls: Yeah, looks like it. You ARE doing awesome, dude!
Ambiance, see the girls weren't paying attention to our conversation, smiled: Nah, I'm kinda sucking it up, can't keep a conversation going. You're welcome to give it a try
AFC: You're a good springboard dude
I didn't introduce AFC to the girls, and I chatted with HB4 for about 15 more seconds, realized I couldn't keep the conversation going and it ran dry, and I pointed at my empty glass. "I'm gonna grab more drinks". I left and never returned to the table, leaving AFC there. If nothing else, I gave AFC a free "in" to the 4-set.

I went back to the bar and was social for a little more. While HB8 was distracted with a customer, I looked at MM and said "ready to get outta here in a bit? He said "yeah". I asked "gonna go for the number close?" He said yes, and I turned around leaning on the bar, with my back to the bar, looking at the patio being social again. I saw AFC came back to the bar and started talking to MM and HB8. I turned back facing the bar again, seems like AFC finished pulling some childish "High 5", then brushed his hair with his hand when people are doing the high-5 to avoid the clap, and said "Oh, Burnt". MM didn't need distractions number closing. I started talking to AFC, he pulled the "oh, burnt" thing with me too, I held out my hand waiting on a high-5, and looked at him. "Come on, you can't leave me hanging, you have to do it now". He jokingly refused, and I kept on holding out my hand, hoping to buy MM enough time to number close. After about 30 seconds of this, I put my hand on his shoulder, rotated him around me so now my back's towards the bar and he's in front of me, and I said "Dude, you can't juts be leaving me hanging like that. This is what it's all about." I grabbed his hand, gave him some random bullshit handshake with a pat on the back and then a pat on the handshake with my other hand, etc. He said "I know what you're doing". I smiled and said "That's awesome". The vibe of both myself and AFC were upbeat and no apparent animosity. MM number closed, we called it a night.

Things I did well:
  • First time I AMOGed a guy, I remember once I put one hand on his shoulder, looked at him in the face in front of HB8 and MM, and said "Dude, you're a cool guy. You have my approval and validation."
  • Winged for MM well - Removed obstacles, especially late in the game when he was number closing.
  • Being social - chatted with random people without intention of hitting on them (because they were most guys)
  • Passed an early shit-test when I sat down at the table and one of the girls told me my friend ditched me to talk to the bartender - I didn't show weakness, dismay, or lose composure.

Things I need to improve on:
  • Ability to keep up a conversation without it turning "boring" - hit a dead-end on both the bartender (HB8) and HB4 I was chatting with at the table.
  • Get over my anxiety on "hired guns" - bartenders, waitresses, etc

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