Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pick-Up Terminology Glossary

Some terms I will use a lot, thought everyone should get familiarize with them. These definitions are generally "standard" definitions in the pickup community, but with my personal spin.

1itis - aka one-itis, the mentality of "she's the only one for me" or "She's like no other because..."

AFC - Average Frustrated Chump. He's the "nice guy" who always gets into the "friend zone" with women. Buys flowers and candies, always gets the response of "you're nice, but...". He might do enough "nice things" for a woman to feel enough "affection" to settle for him so he no doesn't ever have to learn pickup. Suffers from "1itis", operates out of fear of losing the woman due to lack of choices.

AMOG - Alpha Male Other Guy, or Alpha Male Of the Group. Two guys understanding "game" competes for who gets to be the more attractive "alpha male" in front of a woman or multiple women. It generally involves fake compliments and dismissal of the other guys' skills as "trivial". Example: One guy comes with a physically intimidation game in front of a group of women, the 2nd guy AMOGs him by saying "Come on now, we're all friends here, there's no need for childish blue-collard shenanigans".

Body Rock - Showing the body language of "leaving" while speaking, gives the illusion that you're about to leave, but without actually leaving. It's mostly used to disarm sets so they don't feel like they're being "hit on".

C&F - Cocky and Funny. A concept from David DeAngelo to create attraction. He talks about a perfect mix of C and F. Too much cocky and you'll look like a jerk, too much funny and you'll look like an entertainer and neither will help you close.

Close - "Sealing the deal", ending the night with a girl with the desired result. It can be number close (getting her number), kiss close, F-close, etc.

DHV - demonstration of higher value. Shows women that you're a great guy with extremely high value in the sexual economy, could be accomplished with stories, routines, etc.

False Disqualifier - A routine or line to fakely communicate "I'm not into you". It's used to settle the set to avoid her crowd actively cockblocking you, used to disable her "this guy's hitting on me" guard, and also used to build attraction, as people want what they can't easily get. Example: "I'd be totally into you if you had the same hairstyle, but were Asian instead"

HB - Hot Babe. A "HB6" means a hot babe that ranks 6 out of the 10 point scale.

IOD - indicator of disinterest. Subtle things women do (consciously or subconsciously) that shows they're not interested in you.

- indicator of interest. Subtle things women do (consciously or subconsciously) that shows they're interested in you.

Kino - Kinaesthesis, to touch. Small non-sexual touches that escalate from platonic conversations to sexual activities.

KJ - Keyboard Jockey. Someone who always talks about the game and gives advice on the web. Lots of KJ's don't have real "field experience" and their advice shouldn't be taken too seriously. It also refers to people talking about the game in general. Example: "I was KJing with a buddy about ghetto chicks and tactics for them".

LMR - Last Minute Resistance. The "illogical" resistance some women put up right before the "close" (whatever the close is).

Mayoring - This is a word I (ambiance) made up, going into the friend zone. It came from the phrase "being the mayor of the friend zone.

- Multiple longterm relationships. Being in relationships with women, but not exclusively. More than a "fuck buddy" as in there's genuine interest in the other person, caring about each other, wanting to spend time with them outside the bedroom, what I (Ambiance) consider is a major goal of mine in the next few years.

Neg - "busting her balls" or "backhanded compliment". Used to jokingly build comfort and attraction, also used to lower her perceived sexual value to herself so in comparison your own value increases.

PUA - Pick up artist, a guy proficient at picking up women.

Sarging - Going out to pick up women.

Set - one or more girls. "Open the set" means striking up a conversation with a set. "3-set" means a group of 3 girls.

Shit Test - Random tests women throw at you, consciously or subconsciously, to see how you'd handle yourself in specific situations. Example: "Take Off That Silly Ass Hat"

SNL - Same Night Lay. Meeting the girl and "doing the deed" within the same night.

Social Proof - Having others (especially women) with you. It's a subconscious thought in women that if other people (especially attractive women) are with you, then you can't be that bad of a guy therefore raises your social value.

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