Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Friday Night Adventures

So last Friday night, I went out to with sarging with 2 guys. GuyExperienced, who's been in "the game" for several years, is fairly proficient at the game, and GuyInexperienced, someone who doesn't really go up to talk to girls. It's in a bigger city about an hour away from where I currently live, the size of Atlanta, but with a more white collared, sophisticated vibe.

We went to this place that's got a lounge, bar, and restaurant in different levels. We mostly hang around different parts of the lounge area. GuyExperienced approached and opened a couple of sets with a"can I get a light" (cigarette) opener, it works well because half the people there were smokers. He didn't stick with any sets because they either turned out to be married or unavailable or something. I didn't really hear how he transitioned from the approach to set opening because he went into it solo.

I saw two black girls sitting around in the outside patio section of the restaurant. They were just having drinks at the time, they were an HB6 and an HB4. I opened the 2-set with a "best friends opener".

Me: Hey, I was wondering if you could settle a debate between me and my friend.
HB6: Yeah?
Me: My friend thinks you two have known each other for only a few months and I think you've known each other for years.
HB4: Your friend's right, we met each other at work a couple of months ago.
Me: Thanks, I'm XXX.

Intros were made, my friends joined me, more intros were made made.

Me: Mind if we sit with you for a bit?

We sat down and started chatting, the two girls are both from NY. HB4 was from Staten Island. I negged her a bit with something like "There's nothing wrong w/ Staten Island, you just gotta get used to the smell of trash". The set somehow transitioned into a split, which I started talking to HB4 while my 2 friends were chatting with HB6. Things went well for a while. They got food, I bummed a couple of fries, built some rapport, etc.

I left to go use the bathroom. Upon return, I saw that my other friend, MM, and his date hanging with my friends and the set. With my seat taken, I asked the girls to move down a bit (bench style seats), and HB4 agreed because she was sitting on the outside. GuyExperienced and GuyInexperienced went to the bar to get a drink while MM and his date are left with myself and the set. Within 5 minutes, they mentioned something about disliking being watched while they eat, so they left the patio to go inside with their food. That was a surprise, the set ditched us. Maybe HB6 was into GuyExperienced or GuyInexperienced, and when they both left, HB4's attraction (or lack of) towards me wasn't strong enough to keep them both around. I lost that set.

At the end of the night, during "last call" times, I started drinking cups of water. By the cash bar outside, there was a girl by herself, and started chatting with me. She wasn't attractive, but wasn't ugly either, I'd say an HB4.5. HB4.5 and I chatted a little and I found out her friends ditched her and stuff. I said something like "Wow, hope they weren't your ride home, cuz that would really suck if they ditched you". They weren't her ride home, so it wasn't an easy SNL by "offering her a ride home". During this time, GuyExperienced approached an Asian chick about 2 feet away, HB8, but couldn't start a conversation, she was giving polite 1-word answers. Turned out that she's a bartender who's off her shift (right after last call). After GuyExperienced gave up and went away, GuyInexperienced started talking to her. (I've been talking to HB4.5 for about 7 minutes) I tried to help GuyInexperienced out by getting into their conversation (2 feet away) and keeping it going a bit. The HB4.5 I was talking to walked away and I couldn't think of a way to stop her at the time without sounding needy. I didn't think she'd walk away for me turning my attention away from her for 20 seconds. I lost HB4.5.

That was the end of the night for me.

Things I did well:
  • Opening up the two set
  • Body language and negging HB4.
Things I screwed up on:
  • Not realizing the two set were leaving, should've number closed before they left
  • Not realizing HB4.5 was going to leave. Should've known HB4.5 didn't have the confidence to compete for my attention against the HB8. Should've focused my attention on her instead of helping my friend (who also didn't get anywhere) with the HB8.

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