Friday, June 27, 2008

First Number Close In Weeks

MM and I went out sarging on Wed night. I made sure I had some good sleep before hand, took a hour and a half nap and we went out around 10PM.

We first hit a local neighborhood bar with karaoke. I sat around for one drink while watching others sing. There was a perfect 2-set - both cute, sitting alone, and glancing our direction once in a while. MM didn't want to approach at the time and I hit some serious approach anxiety, so we skipped the set and started walking down street for the next bar. While walking down the street, we both were talking about how we should've approached the set, and didn't.

We then saw two really hot girls just chilling outside on the sidewalk. Both around 20 yrs old, HB8.5's - tall, skinny, sexy. We approached with the "I'm new here and where're the best places to hang out" routine, asking where the best bars and clubs were, etc. The conversation went on for 2-3 minutes but never left the "what're the best bars and clubs" subject. I negged them a little saying "You know what, you two are really tall for girls". Didn't get much of a reaction, but at least I tried. A cop rolled by on his bicycle and wanted to smell one of the girl's OJ bottle (which still has juice in it). He busted her for having alcohol in public, and was starting to ask something like "Hmmm.....smells like peach schnapps". I looked at MM and say "Wanna hit up the bar they suggested?" and walked away. They might've been under 21 and we don't need risking getting random tickets for things we didn't do, such as giving alcohol to the under aged.

We went to a wine bar down the street. It was fairly crowded, but no sets without guys - until we went outside to the patio and saw a group of 5 girls sitting on a table. On the outside patio, most tables were taken and unused chairs were scarce. My friend and I hesitated and drank standing up on the other side of the bar for about 15 minutes, then we decided we shouldn't be waiting any longer. I went in there and I started to lift the only open chair among them pretending I'm about to take the chair away (5 girls, 6 chairs). I asked "Is this seat taken?" They said "No" and I just sat down at their table. They gave a surprised and weird face towards each other, and I followed up with "We think you girls were cute and thought we'd come and hang with you for a while". They gave a comforting smile, no longer shocked, started intros, we opened the set.

By now, I was sitting down at the table with the girls while MM was standing up, but we all were "in" and chatting. At the table, there were 3 girls on one side; 2 girls and myself on the other side. They "qualified us" by giving us a compliment, "yeah, most guys just went around us, we're glad you guys came and sat down". We chatted for about 15 minutes - all of us in the same conversation at the table, we didn't divide the set. After the girls finished their wine, and they decided to leave. They were going to leave around this time anyway, but we didn't really do much to engage them to stay longer than they planned. The said "you should've come talk to us sooner". The 3 girls on the other side were getting up first, and I looked at all 3 of them and said "write down your number and we'll get together some other time". One of them said "I'm sorry, but I have a boyfriend". I busted out the anti-boyfriend-defense line MM told me, "And I have a dog, so what did that have anything to do with you giving me your number?" I stuttered a little saying that, she didn't understand the first time and I had to repeat it, the line lost its "smoothness". The girl sitting next to me said "here's mine" as she was leaving after the 3 girls on the opposite side of the table. This is the first number close I got in a couple of weeks.

In my mind, there were 2 possibilities why she volunteered her number:
1. She didn't want to "leave me dying on stage", gave me an easy out to be nice, which will result in her not picking up when I call.
2. She subconsciously got jealous that her friends were getting more attention, a competitive thing.

I'm hoping it was possibility #2, but I'm guessing neither of them will result in a 2nd meeting, because we weren't there long enough to build "rapport" or "comfort".

After that, we went down to 2 more bars with only one possible set we didn't open - they seemed to be intensely focused on their conversation and had no breaks in between. They then left as soon as they finished. Even though we didn't approach the set at the end of the night, I felt great. I was 4 drinks deep and fully awake; I felt the "vibe" radium was talking about - the super social, will talk to anyone without concentrating on a mission vibe. I'm going to try to get some good rest before every night of sarging from now on.

Things I did well:
  • Opened the 5-set - direct approach after the "chair joke" routine.
  • Number closed aggressively when the 5-set was leaving
  • Finally felt the "vibe" that I haven't felt in months - super sociable, talking to everyone without focusing on the pickup
Things I needed to improve on:
  • Early approach anxiety, passed up a 2-set for no reason
  • Needed to be more confident and enunciate pre-rehearsed lines (such as the anti-boyfriend-defense line) more confidently and clearly without stuttering
  • Be less "considerate" when approaching sets at the end of the night - passed up a 2-set just because they seemed to be chatting with each other without breaking. I ended up leaving without approaching them - yielding the same results as if I was to rudely interrupt and got shut down, but at least I would've known that I tried.

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