Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dry Night - Radium69

Ok, so tonight Ambiance and I went to one of our spots to pick up chicks. The female ratio was at an all time low for the place so we made the best of it. I was acting like a cocky, funny joker the whole time talking loud and blatantly looking at chicks going, "Damn! That chick looks good!" During the course of me randomly looking out for chicks I would get "the eyes" where I catch them staring, I guess figuring me out, but they find it hard to break the stare instantaneously so I usually look and smile and they turn away, I usually don't follow up but I am starting to change my thoughts on that.

Ok, so these two chicks come in to meet this one stocky guy. Well, you could tell the girl he was after since he corned her in the booth they were in and was all in her face while she was talking and eating. The other girl, however, I was catching her with the eyes as I was acting like a cocky ass cracking jokes but damn sure having a good time. She looked really young though so I kind of wrote her off even though she was cute. So I ignored her.

We were drunk, we were going to call it a night. As we went to close our tab this chick comes running up to the bar to buy drinks. She pulls up right beside me and I look her way and she says, "Hi!". I said hello, and the proceeded with the TRUTH. "I was admiring you from afar and I have to say you are very beautiful. What's your name? She said "Wah wah wah wah" (That's right I forgot so sue me - even though she literally said it 4 times) and then I asked where she was from and she said from a place about 3 hours away. I said "Damn, are you here for a while? and she said no she was just visiting a friend. She then turned and pointed her head to her friend like Madam the puppet off the old Hollywood squares show - that freaked me out a little. I asked if she will be in town long and she said no, she was heading back tonight. I said "Aw, we could have got to know each other better." She said she would be back occasionally and maybe we would see each other. I still had her hand I said that would be nice. I let her hand go and I proceeded to ask funny jackass questions to Ambiance in a drunken stupor as I wanted to let her know "Oh well, I'll see ya if I see ya". We had some dry one liners like how old are you and what are you getting ready to drink. After that I told her later and we headed out.

All I can say is this is getting easier. The more I ignore chicks the more response I get. I am just out having a good time being loud and obnoxious and it seems they want to be part of it. I'll have to start pulling more numbers and follow up encounters as a goal. Right now I am just having fun. One thing I will say, the girls I targeted at the begining of the night I never talked to. The one I wrote off came after me. My question, was I being observed while I was observing the other chicks and this is how this encounter happened? It is not the first time. I think there is some truth in it... Women are VERY competitive...

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Ambience said...

Why did you not get the girl's number for the "next time" she's in town?

And totally my fault for not opening the set walking in while were were at the parking lot leaving. I hesitated and they walked away by then.