Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Discount Clothing Store

Working my white-collared job, I ran out of pants to wear for work the next day. I knew I was going to get home late and not have time to wait on laundry to dry, so I decided to stop at the first place that sells cloths. I went to a discount clothing store, Ross, which is something like a "Burlington Coat Factory", where they sell $45 brand name shirts such as Tommy Hillfigure or Nautica for $20.

It's somewhat of shopper's impulse for me, by the time I was done, I came out with 2 pairs of slacks and 3 short-sleeve button down shirts. None were expensive, but all were acceptable to wear at work or going out without looking like a bum.

It was about 7PM on a Sunday night, so the store's closing and I'm one of the last people paying. While I was getting rang up, I took a look at the cashier. She looked about in her early 20's, Hispanic, kinda cute, I'm guessing a 6/10. I got plans to go out to a BBQ so I couldn't do anything that night, but I wanted a number close.

HBCashier: How're you doing today?
Me: I'm doing well, and yourself?
HBCashier: Tired, ready to go home
Me: Oh? Any big plans after you get off work?
HBCashier: No, just sleep
Me: Wow, sleeping so early, huh? What you gonna do when you wake up and everyone else is asleep?
HBCashier: I don't know, probably go out to breakfast
Me: Where's a good breakfast place around here?
HBCashier: I usually go to IHop.
Me: Gotta special someone to take you there?
HBCashier: [laugh] No, well, maybe my sister, that's about it.
I see this as an IOI and decided to go for a quick number close.
Me: In that case, I want you to write down your number and I'll take you to breakfast sometime
HBCashier: No.....I don't think I can do that
Me: Oh?
HBCashier: How old are you?
Me: [smirk] Old enough not to answer that question. How old are you?
HBCashier: I'm 19
Me: (jokingly) I almost feel bad now. I'm 28.

At this point, I was hoping she'd say something like "Oh, that's not that old" or something, but she didn't. As she was ringing up my cloths, she asked "So you're doing cloth shopping all by yourself?". I replied "Yup, life of a bachelor". That got a small laugh out of her, we made a little more small talk and politely said "have a good night" to each other after the transaction. I've been fucking up closes after opening sets lately, and I fucked up that number close too.

Things I did well:
  • Confident
  • No hesitation
  • Kept up the attitude of "I'm funny, but slightly better than you"
Things I fucked up on:
  • Stopped being aggressive after the first IOD ("I don't think I can do that")
  • Should've turned her age concern around and falsely disqualify her instead of letting her disqualify me, but couldn't think of that on the spot. Example: "I usually don't date girls that young, but you seem kinda mature and I'll give you a shot.

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