Friday, June 20, 2008

Blown Out By Wing

Tuesday night, a friend and I were out sarging. Instead of the typical small downtown, we decided to go elsewhere. The small town we live in don't have any other areas where different bars can be walked to, but we decided to give it a try. We drove around and decided to pass on 3 different bars before hitting up this bar that offered a $1 beer special. The place was filled with 21-25 yr olds because of the Tuesday night drink special.

The bar had an inside part and an outside. The music inside was really loud so outside was the obvious choice for sarging. After downing a drink, I saw a 3-set sitting by themselves at a table that'll fit at least 6 people and they didn't seem too focused on what they were doing. I took it as a sign that they wanted some company so I opened the set with an extremely direct approach. I walked up to them and said "My friend and I think you girls are cute, mind if we sit with you for a bit?". The girls smiled and we're now in.

We started chatting and I used a couple of routines to generate a couple of early laughs. My friend mostly kept the conversation going. He's so much better at keeping a girl's attention than I am it's not even funny. I guess it's a slight culture difference, where in the big city I'm from, you're trained not to waste other people's time talking about things that're unimportant, especially time of strangers. That mentally doesn't apply to here, because people here seem to love chatting about little things that doesn't make a difference, and that's how people build rapport.

I remember as I was asking them if they had any pets, and one of the girls said she had a dog. My friend continued the conversation with "My mom used have a dog when I was growing up, she used to beg for food while we were eating, made the sad puppy dog face and everything ...". As of this stage in my game, I'm not taking threads and run with it nearly as well as my friend, and that's something I need to learn. My friend's "vibe" got better and better as the night went along, he did some Cocky and Funny stuff and then played with the girls' cameras a bit, taking different pictures of the girls and himself further building rapport.

One of the girls left early and we were chatting with the two left. By the end of the night, I can see the body language of the two girls were both directed to my friend, my thought was "Wow, he's so much better than me at this, I've got a lot to learn from him in that step of the game". About 15-20 minutes before we left, my friend did this "text message speed competition" routine that he made up on the spot to one of the girls that was showing stronger IOI. He took the girl's phone, texted his own phone with it so he had her number, and so on. They played with their phones a little more and we left. He got a solid number close. They even played some text tag in the next 30 minutes after we left.

I know I got a lot to learn from my friend, who sparked attraction and interest, while I was sitting around smiling saying a few sentences here and there. I should be pissed at him for violating the rule "the person that opens the set owns the set", but that doesn't really apply since I sucked too much at the next step after I opened the set.

Things I did well:
  • Opening the set - direct opener, no fear (after a drink), no hesitation.
  • Winged for my friend - filled in some slight awkward silences with pre-prepared "boring" material, such as "do you have any pets", etc.
Things I needed to improve on:
  • Sparking interest and attraction after I opened the set
  • Random threads and stories to "contribute to the conversation".
  • When it was 2 on 2 at the end of the night, I couldn't "divide" the set. We continued group chats and watched my friend and one girl (girl with stronger IOI for my friend) chatting it up, while the other girl and I mostly sat there and listened to them chat. Should've somehow transitioned into 1 on 1 and capture her attention for 10-15 minutes using a routine or two, such as the cube game. It'll give my friend a chance to number close his girl without the awkward text messaging himself routine, and I might've number closed my girl as well.

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